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Topic: GOS classical demo posted

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    GOS classical demo posted

    I was fooling around tonight with the 1st violin Sul Tastos Up and Down bowings and viola and cello spiccato and marcato Up and Down bowings.
    It\'s kinda goofy so don\'t take it to seriously .
    I wrote it after watching what a spaz my cat is running around all over the place.
    Anyway, it\'s called \"Allegro in Ab\" for anyone interested. http://damonbbradley.tripod.com/damonbradley/
    The demo is at the bottom of the webpage.

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    Re: GOS classical demo posted

    Allegro in Ab is pretty cool Damon. I can really hear the alternating up/down bowing in many sections. Are the parts as you played them live, or did you do some MIDI tweaking?

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    Re: GOS classical demo posted

    Thanks for listening SPF. I did all of the pieces live, but at a slower tempo where my fingers could move then sped the tempo up to 123 bpms. Some of the piece was done in sections because I had to think of where to go next with it as opposed to just playing the whole thing straight. I can\'t read music so I play by ear.
    I didn\'t have to do much tweaking. I only adjusted a few velocity notes, and just used the up and down bowings.

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