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Topic: GOS Updates II

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    GOS Updates II

    Is there a projected release date?

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    Re: GOS Updates II


    It has taken me over a week to get caught up with all the things that accumulated while I was at NAMM. I expect it to take another 2 or 3 weeks to finish the articulation file updates for the short bows. Disc updates for changes that include sample modifications will come later (undetermined at this time).


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    Re: GOS Updates II

    Tom, what kind of updates will the short bow art.files have on them?

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    Re: GOS Updates II


    The short bow articulation updates will mostly attempt to supply users with additional tools for variabiliy. These are mostly needed for rapid repetitive passages which can reveal recurring samples. I\'d rather not give too many details until everything has been finalized but it will approach the subject from several different directions, giving the user many choices that should help, either alone or in combination. More later.


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    Re: GOS Updates II

    Thanks, Francis. Much appreciated.


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    Re: GOS Updates II

    Sounds cool Tom! Thanks for the reply.

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    Re: GOS Updates II

    You do great work, Tom.

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