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Topic: New GOS update Demo (looped detache and tighter short bows)

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    New GOS update Demo (looped detache and tighter short bows)

    I\'ve decided to post a little demo of the beta version of the new updates for GOS that I did.

    In it are 1st violin GR Detache with extended samples (they still need to be looped but will be done as its now an easy task...some of the extensions are 10 seconds ) And then cello variations. In order they are Original Marcatto Cellos, new Tighter aggressive bows, both old and new marcatto together, then the same order playing upp and down articulations. When I did both it was just a \"copy and paste\" job, I think there is room for some cool realism when layering if one actually plays both lines.

    Remember these are in beta form so some tweaks are still needed. The new short bows are more like US short bows to where they work well for Zimmer-Esque pieces.

    I only extended the GR detaches for the violins and Violas, the cellos seem to be fine on their own in the sustains and the Basses the same.

    I only adjsuted short bows for the violas, cellos and Basses. Do you think that the violins really need it, they seem to have enough variation in terms of tight attacks but if you really think they do let me know, I\'ll see what I can do in a few weeks.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: New GOS update Demo (looped detache and tighter short bows)

    Cool King! Can\'t wait

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    Re: New GOS update Demo (looped detache and tighter short bows)

    KingIdiot deserves a big round of applause from GOS users. He took it upon himself to do these updates (things that were definitely on our “to do” list, but would have taken us much longer to get to). I’ve heard the results (while playing a tiny role in the final steps, now in progress) and they are valuable and worthy additions to the library. This kind of involvement is above and beyond the call of duty and everyone using the library will be better for it. “KingIdiot?” – if there ever was an example of someone choosing the wrong handle, this is it . . .


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    Re: New GOS update Demo (looped detache and tighter short bows)

    Thanks Tom,

    i really would do this kind of thing for ANY library that I have that I think I can offer some improvements. The thing is GOS is the only library I Have that offers free updates. If I had Scarbee\'s library...not that I could do anything to improve it, but found something I might be able to tweak on and if he\'d actually consider offering it as an update.. boom I\'\'d probably do it.

    I\'ve even had an idea for adding \"sizzle\" patches to QLB from looping sections of the Crecendos (a really tough job), but its useless to do since the only person who would benefit would be me...so I took the easy road and got DD solo brass.

    I want to do so muh more for the current libraries I have, and have found some ways to offer them to end users without the need for upgrades. I will start tosing these out as I get around to it. No one pays me for this kind of stuff so its when I have my own time. Anyhow. I\'ve got some very extensive ideas for people who want to learn to \"tweak\",...or \"tweak like I do\" a bit more easily.

    In the form of small files easily downloadable...like articulations....

    The only problem is it requires you to have some of the same software as me.

    Id probably do more of this if developers gave me incentive... cough....free libraries... hint...er cough....

    One of the main reasons I do it for GOS is that I like Gary...he\'s a really nice guy not to mention there are things I would do with the library a little differently,..but the raw sample data is there so I get to

    I\'m so glad that I get to share some of my ideas and techniques with you guys. Wait till you see some of the suggestions I\'ve made with the solo strings Some sweet stuff. Litterally doing the \"impossible\", all it did was require some thinking and \"bouncing heads\".... maybe I should start hiring myself out as a \"consultant\"... I\'d jsut feel awkward since I only got into sampling a few years ago.... ok <big head mode off>

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: New GOS update Demo (looped detache and tighter short bows)

    That was hilarious the first two times I listened to the second half King - I didn\'t know what you were doing since I didn\'t read the post first, but it sounded like you were screwing around and thought it would be fun to leave in a wildly repeated note after your 15 second violin demo. The violins sound great so far, and now that I know what you\'re doing, the aggressive attacks sound cool too. Thanks for working so much on these!

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