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Topic: loops For sustains coming

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    loops For sustains coming

    i\'ve found an easy way to do Loops for the sustains within Articulation files. So they are coming. For people who want them......or wont buy the library because there are no loops.........

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: loops For sustains coming

    cool !!! when will it be ready ?

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    Re: loops For sustains coming

    best I can say is next month sometime. I\'m going to really start on it sometime the end of this week, and there is a lot to go through.

    Since this will be an aRt file update, I can only gurantee around 5-8 second loops, and I\'m not so sure they will all loop correctly....but with the lengths of the samples their should be multiple loop points to choose from. I did a test on about 30 files and found loops on all of them.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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