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Topic: Schindler's List?

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    Schindler\'s List?

    Has anyone tried to mimic track 4 I believe, of the schindler\'s list album? It starts with strings in the beginning, very slow and mellow, and later on, has a choir really bellowing out. If you could arrange that with GOS, wow...

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    One of my favorite scores A Sapp! I know the track you mean. Any cue from Schindler would be great.
    Maybe I\'ll try and butcher one when if I get some free time

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    There\'s not a a choir on track 4 (\"remembrances\"). This one starts with a harp and a beautiful string line. Is this really the track you meant?

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    Definitely no choir in that track. The only choir in Schindlers List is the childrens choir singing a jewish song in the beginning of one track, and then another track with an adult choir singing another traditional song if I am not mistaken. Cant check it out right now though

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    Track 3, \"Immolation\" has a strong choir in it and track 9 \"Stolen Memories\" has a beautiful soft choir in it.

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    Hi guys,

    What a beautiful soundtrack. If anyone has the time/expertise to mock-up any of the score, that would be amazing.


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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    Oh yes I forgot about Imolation - one of the best cues!!!

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    There was a demo of Remembrances that Gary used at NAMM. It was quite excellent. I don\'t think he can post it publicly because of copyright issues though.

    I recorded Remembrances about a year ago but the violin solo breaks wind!! This sounds like a good piece for the solo strings library.

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    There definitely is copyright issues with soundtrack mockups, I checked into it (I called BMI) because Gary wanted to put that Shawshank Prison demo I did on his site. No go!
    The soundtrack composer does not even own the rights to his/her songs, the movie company does.
    As long as there\'s money being made off the library, you can\'t put up a demo of a song someone else owns the rights to with the composer obviously credited.
    Kinda sucks, I was gonna try a bunch of different mockups from movies with GOS.

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    Re: Schindler\'s List?

    Does the copyright law prohibit you from creating an \"arrangement\" of the sound track (not a note-for-note mockup, but an actual re-orchestration or perhaps an arrangement for a smaller ensemble or just strings or . . .)? What if you wrote a short \"Theme and Variations\" based on material from the soundtrack? Would that be a problem, as well? I know you guys love the original film music, but maybe you could apply techniques that formally trained composers have used for years, if not centuries. Take a favorite melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, or timbral idea from a Newman score and make it your own, unless of course there\'s a law against doing that.


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