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Topic: Artifact?

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    When I play the lowest G in the violin range (G3) at high velocities on the 1st Vln Marcato instrument, an interval of a fifth above is added. Perhaps someone\'s bow struck the D string while recording the originals. Does anyone else hear this?

    Not that it has gotten in the way of anything, mind you. In fact, I find it to be kinda cool in terms of realism, but I wouldn\'t expect it to happen every time in a real performance.

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    Re: Artifact?


    Thanks for taking note. That one is fairly subtle but could be offered as a single note update if you and others would prefer it cleaned up. One of the the things we hoped to accomplish by having such a large sample library was allowing as many human \"idiosyncrasies\" as possible to remain. The large number of alternative articulation choices makes it possible to keep those wonderful \"imperfections\" which add to the illusion of reality while avoiding the \"there\'s that same note again\" problem when it comes up (by choosing another individual sample when necessary - from another velocity layer, or another patch). The beta testers helped us walk that fine line between subtle character and distracting flaw. Anyway, that\'s why such things remain in the library. In the mix, in context, it really helps. But if you find this one a problem, we\'ll take care of it.


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    Re: Artifact?

    I remember that prominent \"extra\" pitch during the beta period. Although it bothered me at first, I\'ve grown to like it. In fact, I barely notice it anymore, except when I isolate the fundamental tone (G3). Is it possible to EQ out that tone (D4 = 293.66Hz, assuming it is D4 and not D5, the second overtone of G3) for all instances of the marcato G3?


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    Re: Artifact?


    Yes, it can be essentially removed with careful EQ. I\'ve already done a tentative version.


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    Re: Artifact?

    It\'s not a problem for me. If it becomes one (which I doubt), I\'ll find an alternative velocity layer or EQ it out.

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