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Topic: GOS versus Virtuoso Strings

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    GOS versus Virtuoso Strings

    On the Tascam Forum, I was asked why I found GOS better then VS. Following is my answer. I hope you can agree with this. Of course there would be a lot more to write..... If I am wrong, please let me know:

    ¨Virtuoso Strings contents 3 CD\'s- one of them, #3 contents the same thing as the other two, but in an full string orchestra setting. GigaStrings contents 16 (!) CD\'s.Virtuoso contains a few different - not chromatic sampled - samples, which are repeated over and over with different combinations on the 3 CD\'s. GigaStrings has a very big amount of samples, all chromatically sampled -. The programming of the samples for GigaStudio, done by Tom Hopkins, is simply the work of an absolute master. The programing of Virtuoso Strings is on the level of someone who can more or less go around with a Kurzweil 2500. Anyway GigaStudio is for obvious reasons the better plattform for a professional String Library as an Akai or a Kurzweil ( I own 2 K2500 and 2 Akais 5000). And last, but not least: I do not agree with you, Virtuoso Strings does not sound realistic at all to me. It sounds like a typical sinthezizer string sound. Do you go often to symphonic concerts? I did play during many years with orchestras such as the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics, so I do think that I know how a string section sounds. To me Virtuoso Strings was one of the most wrong investements which I did in sample libraries. AO is, not very good, but much better than Virtuoso and GigaStrings is state of the art. I have GigaStrings only since 3 month, so I am still learning and do not have really finished products made with the library, but there is one short exerpt on my site http://www.iwanroth-sax.com -click on Diadem. There are also other string things made by me on the site, but not with GOS. Let me know about your stuff, I am interested in hearing it. Maybe you will make me change opinion about VS....:-)¨


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    Re: GOS versus Virtuoso Strings

    If you ask me, KH doesn\'t hold a candle to GOS. The strong point in KH is the \"Hollywood\" expression in the celli and violins but still sounds synthy to me. KH has a more hard attack from what I hear of ThomasJs great demos and on the KH website.
    GOS just has WAY more control and options and gets updated and great service!
    Fast strings and pizzicato are not a plus on the KH library (a friend of mine sent me a demo displaying them). Even Thomas admits to using the Prosonus marcatos on one of his demos.
    If I\'m not mistaken, KH isn\'t chromatically sampled either.
    3 CDs vs. 16 CDs? Need I say more.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Please no flame wars!

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    Re: GOS versus Virtuoso Strings


    Sorry about my ignorance, but what does mean KH?


    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Damon:
    [B]If you ask me, KH doesn\'t hold a candle to GOS.

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    Re: GOS versus Virtuoso Strings

    Kirk Hunter strings.

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    Re: GOS versus Virtuoso Strings

    That is a very cool example of the short articulations available with GOS, that no other library seems to do as well.

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