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Topic: Wish List for GOS

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    Wish List for GOS

    So what do you guys like to see in future updates?


    Wider Vibrato

    The farther Mics as an optional, even purchasable, library.

    more variations in the short bows and an update to Maestro that allows for more randomized notes or rather ALTERNATING alternate up/down bows. Even if its just remapped samples up and down a region, or I can do some more sample edit tweaks to give more variable short bows.

    Any others?

    I know Gary wants to start his own thread for Wish lists, but I\'m a jerk and I want to start it early get the ball rolling for ideas

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    See, that\'s the great thing about Gary\'s library! There are updates, and while some of you complain, you must realize that many of these preferences that each individual and groups of people possess could be met, for free, or for a decent price. (free I believe, shoot me if I\'m wrong) So, keep in mind, updatesssssssss...

    Really.... I am stupid...

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    I am VERY interested to hear an example of the distant mics. Gary: is there a way to provide us an example of this? Obviously you wouldn\'t want to program a massive library all witht he distant mics if we didn\'t like it anyway. Could you program just a small portion, say some short bows and a sustain or two? Or maybe even just the Grand detaches (just a few notes) to give us some idea of what it sounds like?

    In other words, a sample of samples?

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    1. I am dying to hear the distant micing too!!! Especially on the basses. It would be a huge pile of work to do a complete version of a wet library, so this should be an update, maybe $500 - wouldn\'t be unfair IMHO.

    2. Wider vibrato - King you said it!! This might require new recordings however. IF done, a divisi (6-8 violins, 5 violas or so) should be recorded too for a more intimate vibrato.

    3. More aggressive staccatos in all sections. Requires new recordings too probably. Added to that, aggresive versions of some of the sustained patches, maybe crossfadable via modwheel - \'aggression\' on/off?

    4. Small request. Creaking chairs/hall noise samples!

    That\'s all I can think of right now.

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    \"Small request. Creaking chairs/hall noise samples\"

    I had the sample ideal

    At the studio I do sound design and recording for... we record orchestras all the time... so I thought it would be cool to grap some noise.

    I will grab some for you.

    I put a 16 second floor noise/church/orchestra between cues/ mp3 up if you want it.

    May not be what you need but I can get it soon. Check it out.

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    I want Violin\'s higher short bow.

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    Yea, sweeter wider vibrato. But hey, I\'m sure this will be updated soon.

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    I would be interested in hearing the farther mic\'d samples as well

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    \"So what do you guys like to see in future updates? Me? Wider Vibrato\"

    I feel, after careful listening and playing, that GOS does seem to have a cold and sterile tone in some patches.

    The sound that I have been trying to achieve
    would require a wider, more dramatic vibrato
    but if the players, at the time of recording, did not play it...how do we get it?

    Is this something that can really be done with Giga Edit or need we get inside the WAV files and blend-in say, a heavy vibrato solo violin patch, or?

    Just thinking out loud.

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: Wish List for GOS

    Probably require more recording. I think that would be ideal, obviously. Also would like it with a smaller section for a more intimate sound, I\'m sure all these are considered.

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