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Topic: Need copy of MaestroXP zip

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    Need copy of MaestroXP zip

    Could anybody please, email me a copy of Maestro XP. I accidentally deleted mine together with midiyoke.
    I am going to try the Sound Forge midi port and hopefully get GOS to sing again.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Need copy of MaestroXP zip

    I believe that you will have to email Gary for that. Not sure of the legal ramifications of someone sending you the software. I don\'t think it\'s freeware

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    Re: Need copy of MaestroXP zip

    Nope, it\'s a commercial product, so I\'d like people to get MaestroTools through Gary. In this case I happen to know you have it (or had it ), so I\'ve just sent it on to you for convenience.

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