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Topic: The GOS demos at garritan.com

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    The GOS demos at garritan.com


    I am just moving my reply from an ancient thread over here, Gary thought it might be of interest to some of you.


    There are a lot of demos of Garritan Orchestral Strings at the site, some at my site (linked to at Gary\'s site), KingIdiot\'s site etc. These demos are meant to show what the library can do. Let me just use my own demos as examples of what is being shown -- hopefully convincing to some degree. I have done a demo (\"Going In\") showing fast strings, which was posted at my site during the beta period, and advertised here. It is not at Gary\'s site, but the link is there to my site. In one of my NAMM demos there\'s some more fast strings (sul tasto/sautille) little demo. There are plenty of demos using the legato mode.

    All of the demos are in a complete symphonic context, with emphasis on strings. I don\'t see the point in posting a demo with just a violin patch playing 10 notes in succession to prove that you can have 10 notes of violins playing after eachother. I think it is much more realistic to show what the violins could sound like in an orchestral context - both lightly and densely orchestrated. Whether or not the legato mode is used is not interesting - what is interesting is how convincing the result is. To me the legato mode works for some things, it doesnt work for others. Usually when I do something that is played legato, I turn on the legato mode and listen to it. If it doesn\'t work, I turn it off. Alternate bowing will almost always be better than just repeating the same sample over and over again. Again I dont see the point in playing a sole violin ensemble, repeating a few notes to prove that, YES, there is indeed two samples. It will not tell how well this works in a more common situation, e.g. the violins playing on top of or along with celli/violas and basses. If you want the naked sound, listen to the technique demos - they\'re right there for you to judge. If you want to judge the library on those, fine, but I don\'t think they do the library justice. The newer demos by Jeremy, Tom and others are a far better base to found your opinion on.

    Warmthcontrol - another issue. Again, how interesting is it? Most people are gonna EQ their work at some point anyway. The warmth-control is a lowpass filter - you can open it and close it as you like. It can be altered via MIDI, so you can change it over time, which can add some nice timbral changes. I used this in a demo. And I use the WARM version of the samples most of the time, especially for celli and viola. In the end I EQ - as individual as possibly, but sometimes I am too lazy or dont have time to record each instrument on its own track.

    I think the MP3 demos available now at the site are pretty good at showing what the library can do and how it can sound. Jeremy\'s second MP3 is awesome. The 1st one isnt bad either. Then there\'re a couple of GOS in a more classical sound context demos too, by Tom and others, and more demos are getting posted regularly.


    A little editing was done in the post.

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    Re: The GOS demos at garritan.com


    I can\'t thank you enough for posting your work at Garritan.com.

    You have opened my eyes, big time!

    Your work is outstanding and you make GOS come alive.

    If there is anyone who doubts the power and glory of GOS... listen to what this man has done with it!


    Thank you

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: The GOS demos at garritan.com

    I heartily agree, Francis. And Jeremy\'s pieces are stunning, as well. Very imaginative and skillfully written!

    I\'d sure love to hear some of Tom\'s music redone with GOS; I\'m referring to the pieces on his \"20th Century Pastiche\" CD. Listening to his CD reminds of something I used to talk about when I was a grad student: some of the most compelling, deeply moving music tends to live in relative obscurity. For me that means not only works by the likes of Tom but also game music and TV scores, which until recently I had rarely noticed (I don\'t play computer games, nor do I watch much TV). Oh what a sheltered life I lead!

    Thanks, Simon, for your post. And thank you, Gary, for making those demos available to the public.


    P.S. Tom, I know you\'re not too keen on public praise. Hard luck!

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    Re: The GOS demos at garritan.com

    There are some new user demos posted at www.garritan.com/mp3.html
    Thanks Jeremy, Simon, Iwan, Damon, Bill, Jim and Tom. Bravo Maestros!

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    Re: The GOS demos at garritan.com


    I’ve thought about oneday redoing “Pastiche” with GOS and other newer libraries but it would be a tremendous chore (it was a tremendous chore doing that CD in the first place). I think the talk of legislating 12 more hours in every day could help that become a reality. Not to mention the promise of cloning. I’ll let you know when I get it done.


    P.S. Thanks for the kind words – it’s especially appreciated when it comes to my music. I seem to be getting more than my fair share of kind words here lately. What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: The GOS demos at garritan.com

    Anyone else having trouble getting these demos to work? I seem to just get garbled text. I\'d love to hear these demos.

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    Re: The GOS demos at garritan.com

    Yeah, I got the garbled text, too. My work-around was to right-click on the link, choose the \"Save Link As . . .\" option (Netscape 6), then double-click the saved file to invoke my MP3 player.


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