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Topic: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac's?

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    GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?

    h\'lo all, new member here.
    this\'s no doubt been asked and answered many times here, but I had no luck with \"search\". i\'m just wondering if anyone knows (or suspects) of plans to have a Mac version of Gigasampler or a GOS version in something like SampleCell format? some of the notes herer indicate that Halion is not a very good solution (so far). o.k., Windoze rules by default, but there are a *lot* of us Mac users out here that would jump on an opportunity to use GOS. thanks very mych,
    Bill Myers, composer

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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?


    I am a Mac user by nature, and in addition to GigaStudio 96 I just began running on a PC, I am using Digital Performer and Bitheadz Unity DS-1 on my G3.

    My advice is bite the bullet and get a dedicated Giga PC platform. The performance will be much better than having a sequencer and sampler co-reside on the Mac,a nd you can do it for under $1000.

    Since Giga works best with no other hardware except a sound card in your PCI slots, you can get an appropriately stripped down machine for under $600 from Dell, which will come with great customer service and technical support, and is highly reliable.

    You can get the sound card you will need by buying an Egosys GigaStation, which lists for $399 but can be found for under $300. It comes bundled with GigaStudio 96, the GigaPiano CD, and the Conexant GM500 sound set on CD. All this for less than the cost of Gigastudio 96 by itself. I got mine from Tracer Technologies, and their phone support is also outstanding.

    The GigaStation card has relatively noisy analog outputs, but it also includes an S/PDIF output, so you can pipe it digitally into your Mac\'s audio interface (whatever that may be). It also comes with a piggyback card that includes two MIDI in and two MIDI out ports.

    So, for under $1000 you can get a reliable standalone GigaStudio setup with enough power to realize full orchestral scores, and it won\'t burden your Mac.


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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?


    An even cheaper solution would be to just get Halion or Unity 3, both of which have Giga import, and use them on your mac. That way you can just import GOS or any other library on your mac.


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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?

    Thanks *very* much for your reply! A lot of good info in there. I\'m just wondering how easy it is to use GigaSampler via Digital Performer (FreeMidi)? That is, would you load the desired samples into the Giga, then open DP and have the Giga-loaded instruments appear as DP track options?
    many thanks agaion,
    Bill Myers

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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?

    Hi Bill,

    Steve is right!! Just go for it. I\'m a mac user ( as are most people I work with) and we\'ve all now got Gigastudios running on PCs, with the Mac still the heart of the system. Think of it just as a hardware sampler. but because it\'s inside a PC, its CHEAPER.

    You will create 4 Gigastudio freemidi instruments (EG call them GS1 through GS4), each will have 16 channels, so its like adding four 16 midi channel samplers to your freemidi setup. This is assuming you\'re buying the right Gigastudio gear to get the full 64 midi channels.

    Might need to check how many midi cable slots are left on your miditimepiece(s)!!

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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?


    You\'re describing exactly what I\'ve done. A few months ago, I \"bit the bullet\" and got a Dell PC to run Giga as a hardware sampler driven by my Mac G3 running Performer, and FreeMidi. (I know, I know - for Mac users, buying a PC seems like going over to the dark side...) It runs flawlessly. I\'m only kicking myself because I didn\'t do this earlier.

    Because I was completely in the dark when it comes to PCs, I had a GIGA \"pro\" put my system together for me - James Frederickson at (520) 325-3502. I think all he does is puts together GIGA systems. He came highly reccommended, and did a flawless job for me (even loaded the libraries in, which I didn\'t ask him to do).

    Unpacked the system, plugged it in, and haven\'t looked back. Do it.

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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?

    Bill, I\'ve been strictly Mac since there ever was a Mac, and only use PCs when it makes sense. In this case, it makes sense. I just do music as a hobby, and only started looking into MIDI about 3 months ago, when I discovered Giga. The manufacturer has said that the architecture of Giga can\'t be ported to the Mac.

    Having only limited experience with PCs, let alone the fairly complex hookup between the controller, MIDI interface, PC soundcard, and the Mac, I looked for a turnkey solution, and found it with Sound Chaser. Pete Snell, of SC, patiently listened to my unknowledgeable rambling, and put together a proposal. He suggested Digital Performer on the Mac, which is great, all the peripherals, and the PC configuration. Everything came pre-installed, and it has worked flawlessly since I hooke it all together.

    Make sure you have someone to guide you through the connections--it\'s quite involved and quite unlike normal Mac connectivity--but it all works! I put together a PDF graphic of the back panels of all the components, and had Pete Snell \"connect the dots.\" My configuration may be quite different from what would be best for you, but if you think it could be helpful, I can e-mail you a copy of my cabling graphic.


    Perry S

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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?

    For you mac guys: what do you use to get giga audio into your mac system? Currently I\'m driving my GS DAW from Logic Audio on the mac with the DAW MIDI\'d to my old MTP II going SP/DIF out to a Digidesign 882 (connected to a farm card in my G4. I\'ve noticed some disturbing latency here though...rather discouraging I must say.

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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?

    To reply to your latency issue, I\'ve got a similar setup and don\'t have a problem. I have a G4/Logic running DAE hardware (ADAT Bridge) and have Giga lightpiped in to 4 stereo Aux Ins in Logic. I get no noticible latency, and I run TDM fx realtime on them. Half the time, I don\'t even print the midi to audio, i just bounce right to disk. It\'s works great - so it should be no problem with your 882/SPDIF.

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    Re: GOS/GigaSampler for Mac\'s?

    a simple and sincere \"thanks\" to all of you who responded to my inital post. I\'ve spent a good bit of time in midi/audio user forums (Digi, Finale, MOTU, etc.) these past 10 years and have *never* had so many helpful, well-thoughtout responses come back so quickly. Kudos to you all...this is a *great* resource!
    Bill Myers, composer
    p.s...I\'m gonna bite the bullet and get a windows machine If you\'ve got the time, please take a look at my new

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