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Topic: Messed up patches!

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    Messed up patches!

    This is really bizarre but somehow most of my GOS presets are suddenly playing an extra \"rogue\" layer (not sure which instrument) starting at C4 or so! I\'m going to wipe all GOS off my drive and start over, but was wondering if anybody has had this happen to them?

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    Re: Messed up patches!

    Don\'t be too hasty just in case it\'s a problem with MaestroTools. If you\'ve installed Maestro and have it connected to Gigastudio, then you can get strange notes if you press the sustain pedal or the keys A0-B0. This strangeness is a feature designed for the ALT and LEG patches. You can get around it simply by clicking bypass on the channel(s) you\'re using. If that doesn\'t help then I\'d try closing Maestro altogether and using your midi interface ports as inputs in the Gigastudio user interface. This way you could be sure Maestro isn\'t causing you trouble, before deleting and recopying GOS. In fact if it comes to deleting and copying, I\'d suggest emailing or calling Gary first to see if there\'s an easy fix.

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    Re: Messed up patches!


    It\'s unlikely that these symptoms are the result of problems in the .gig files themselves. As Jeff says, look to the improper use of the MaestroTools features as your first suspect. Without more information on which instruments were being used, what you were doing at the time, and exactly what the symptoms were, it\'s difficult to give you detailed advice. General advice would be: Keep in mind that certain instruments are tailored to work exclusively with certain MaestroTools features (see user manual and MaestroTools help file for information). For instance, the keyswitched alternating bow modes must be used only with the ALT short bow instruments. If you try to use them with any other instruments you could get note-triggering anomalies. Also, if you try playing outside the actual range of a particular instrument you could, once again, get note-triggering anomalies. Similarly, improper use of MaestroTools legato features (with non-LEG instruments) could be another possible source of false triggerings. Please give Gary a call to determine the real source of the problem.


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    Re: Messed up patches!

    Thanks guys for the feedback. It struck me as odd that every patch I\'ve tried has this problem (about 10-15). This is over a 3 day period, where I\'ve shut down the night before and booted up the next morning. I typically launch maestro tools then GS btw.

    Would creating and loading a new Maestro tools file help?

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    Re: Messed up patches!

    Hey Sucka,

    have you tried bypassing

    What kind of rogue notes are you getting?
    Is it immediatly when you hit a key? or is it showing up a little after the key is pressed.

    Could be a gigastudio/harddrive thing.

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    Re: Messed up patches!

    As a security measure, MaestroTools could scatter notes if it is not registered or serialized incorrectly. Please give me a call so we can get you up and running.

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    Re: Messed up patches!

    No I haven\'t tried that (doh!)

    The \"rogue\" layer plays back at the same time as the other \"good\" layer(s).

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    Re: Messed up patches!


    Maybe more exact details are needed. What is exactly going on when you say \"rogue layer\" is it always the same note? Is it possible theres some Giga Port layering going on? Are you using multiple ports and using Maestro?

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    Re: Messed up patches!

    I think I\'ve kept everything pretty simple. Pretty much a bare-bones setup at this point. Unfortunately, I haven\'t spent enough time with the software to be able to even guess what\'s wrong.

    The problem reminds me of when I accidentally have MIDI thru enabled on a port/channel of my MTPII--you hear whatever is on that port/channel in addition to the patch you\'ve called up in your sequencer. It seems to be the same string sound being layered with whatever GOS patch is loaded. And it only happens over a certain range of the keyboard (controller).

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    Re: Messed up patches!

    Sounds like a port Layering problem combined with Maestro Tools Auto Alternate or something

    Check to make sure you dont have Port Layering activated in Giga Studio. under the little keyboard in the left hand side of GigaStudio there are 4 numbers make sure none of them are Green. Green means that they are \"layered\" so you\'ll be triggering instruments on both parts.


    Port 1 channel 1 = Short Bow Up/Down Violins
    Port 2 Channel 1 = SusV Violins

    If they are layered you\'ll be playing both, and since both have different mappings you can get some wierd errors.

    Also with Maestro tools since its a MIDI thru device before Giga, andything set on POrt 1 Channel 1, will be transported through the giga port layer

    Confusing enough?

    Even if you haven\'t assigned things to another port, Program Change messages and other \"stupid things\" can cause issues that make instruments load accross multiple ports. Check them out, and make sure there aren\'t instruments loaded that shouldn\'t be.

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