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Topic: Grand Detache updates?

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    Grand Detache updates?

    I hope I don\'t appear to anxious, but I was just curious how these are coming along and when they might be available?

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?

    This one is all my bad.

    I\'ve got so muchwork goinng on right now that I haven\'t had enough time to sit down to focus on the spot EQ and edits I need to do. The reason its taken so long is that I \'ve been wanting to create a way of making an \"EXP\" instrument out of the GR detaches. and while I\'ve devised a way of creating something that could work, its going to take much more time than I have at the moment. So I may forgo the idea for right now, and jsut leave it at forte detaches the way they are with jsut finishing hte spot edits and EQs and edits. This way the looping points will be a non issue (if I decide to make EXP instruments the way I wanted it will be a VERY VERY BIG issue).

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?

    God speed, King and best of luck!

    The Grand Detache have such an expressive sound. They truly are amazing.

    I can\'t wait until the are looped.

    Let\'s go King...here we go.
    Let\'s go King...here we go.

    (Baseball type organ song playing)

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?

    Hi guys,

    Please enlighten me. I still don\'t understand why the detaché programs should be looped. Is it because you want to have an easy way to switch to legato? Or are the current samples really too short for typical detaché playing?


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    Re: Grand Detache updates?

    I just think the expression of the 1st violin grand detaches are beautiful sounding and would like to use them for longer legato lines.

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?


    Actually its not that they are too short for detache playing, the GRAND detaches are LONG detaches. Its more a matter of them being long enough for beautiful legato plaing, like never before from a sample library, but too short for long notes that are so tempting to play using this patch.

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?


    I spent the eveing with this patch and a Miroslav cello... oh, if only that note would sustain

    I may have to sound design some loops for it...cause I can\'t wait any longer Aruuughhhhh

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?

    If you have much editor experience you can layer the detaches with the sus vibratos. Put a slow attack on the sus\'s so that they come in just as the detaches are going out. Play with their response curves so that the volume level doesn\'t suddenly change and give away the magic when the sus\'s take over. The detaches end up doing most of the work but the sus\'s let you keep holding the note when neccesary. The down side with layered instruments is polyphony of course, but you know what? Cubase gives me way more fits than Gigastudio. Anyway, I made my own gig and I use it all the time. You can check out my demos on Gigastrings.com. And If polyphony ever becomes an issue I\'ll just create new source files out of the originals, but that\'s a lot of work.

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?

    I agree - doing as timzydee suggests works pretty well....

    The grand detaché really are the best samples in the GOS library as far as I am concerned and I spent quite a few hours in editor trying to work out how to layer the susv and the detaché samples - it was well worth it. I am sure that when King finishes his loops I will ditch my layered detachés but until then it gives me the opportunity to use these fantastic sounds without having to worry about the length of the samples.

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    Re: Grand Detache updates?

    Hey guys,

    Really long day yesterday, Went to Seattle for some meeting and got information overload. I want to take a break today and stay away from music and everything, but I may take the time out to finish up the edits for these today. Shouldn\'t take too long, if I stick to the forte samples which are already elongated. I\'d really love to tweak on the pianos and MP samples, but its just going to take too long and the results may not be worth the wait and frustration of not having the fortes.

    The Sustain layering trick, you guys suggest works pretty well, but what I like about the detaches is the little bit of the sustain has a nice vibrato. I tried my best to recapture as much of the vibrato as I could in the elongations. Because I didn\'t Time stretch at all the vibrato stays a bit more than if Time Stretching was used. I also didn\'t use layering of the up and down bows so it sounds little diffferent than that trick as well

    anyhow... I\'ll get on it in a few hours. Still pretty tired.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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