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Topic: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

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    A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    I\'ve been getting a lot of inquiries from people on this forum about this project. I\'ll keep it short since I\'m currently busy working on it full time. I took a short demo version (with 4 examples) to the NAMM show and showed it to many people and spread a few copies around Tascam and they seem to like it real well and are anxious to sell it for me. It looks like Tascam will indeed be my main distributor. (I would assume Northern Sounds will be able to carry it)

    Anyway, I\'m cleaning up all the dialog as we speak and then synching up all the elements this week. Next week I edit what I have and all that is left after that is to shoot a few more lessons and assemble those. We should be ready to manufacture something in a matter of weeks. The final list price will be $99.99 including a couple of full function instruments (DX 7 piano and a drum kit that you can assemble yourself once you go through the tutorials)
    Thanks for all the interest. Keep an eye out for info via Tascam for the official word. I think Tascam will also have some nice documentation ready in a similar time frame. The bases will be fairly well covered shortly for learning how to use the product. Later once this project is done, I will try to do a similar tutorial for the GOS library.

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    For those interested in a quick overview, Chapter 19 of How MIDI Works 6th Ed., gives an overview and basic tutorial on Giga setup that Jim Van Buskirk reviewed and approved before publishing. You can order the book from us direct at http://www.alexuniv.com/midiworks99.html or you can find it in Guitar Center, Ash, Mars, etc.

    Hopefully, it will be available on the Northern Sounds site in the near future.

    Sorry for the ad.

    Peter Alexander

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    why $99.00 for a tutorial?

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    I second the objection to price. I\'ve already shelled out $800 for the initial Gigasampler 64 (\'member those days?) And I\'ve shelled out for the Gigastudio 160 Upgrade not to mention all these libraries. This tutorial is filling the void that the neglectful team at Nemesys didn\'t fill and should have filled at the release of this product. (Yes, the manual is appalling.)

    I think Tascam or whoever need to follow Garriton\'s lead and give it for free for all users. It\'s only a benefit when users can use a product to its full potential well.

    Certainly, the creator of this tutorial should be rewarded nicely but this gets really frustrating how everything...everything comes down to the buck!

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    I was interested in this project, but at $99.99 I think I\'ll have to expend more effort in learning the software before I consider making this investment. I don\'t need a DX7 (still got one), nor do I need a drum kit. Now if you were including orchestral percussion or even a decent clarinet or oboe I\'d jump on it. Good luck.

    Steve http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne http://www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    \"Comes down to the buck.\"

    I\'m responding to this because over the years, my company, Alexander Publishing, has put out over 150 model specific texts. We have an online class for VST and Logic, and shortly we\'re releasing titles on Cubase, Sonar and Logic 5.0.

    The problem we face, which I\'m sure Dave Govett is facing (we haven\'t spoken about this so I\'m guessing), is how much to charge for instruction the manufacturer should have given you, didn\'t, doesn\'t want to, and now you\'re doing their job and have to make enough to cover time, expenses and make a profit. With this, not only are you doing their job and saving them money with reduced tech support, but you\'re battling to even get the product on loan to do the work, and then, heaven\'s to Mergatroid!, hope they\'ll either co-market it or at least give you prominent link placement! Unless they\'re buddies with Wizoo who got there first!

    Then there are great forums like this one, but \"legally,\" we\'re not supposed to tell anyone we\'re developing anything because that\'s an ad.

    So the next brave step is to advertise. But first! How many current owners are there? Oh, we can\'t know that because it\'s a secret. So now we\'re developing a product that everyone feels they should have gotten for free, can\'t talk about it on a forum, and don\'t know how many registered users there are to determine if a 10% penetration of the base is possible, and if yes, how many, exactly, would 10% yield?

    Of course, maybe they registered all the users in the computer so they have a massive e-mail list, but \"they\" won\'t want to put your product there for fear of turning people off by selling something (that should have come with the purchase price).

    This now leads us to the brave world of magazine advertising and determining whose ad specs are the truth, and whether or not they\'ll give you good page placement, and then still not knowing how many owners of product X are reading the publication and what percent of the total base they represent.

    Sorry for the lack of brevity, Bro, but this is what you have to go through to present a third party manual or video on a highly vertical product. We keep reading stats about how there are over 1 million Cubase installs. But when I upgraded to 5.1, the web site said that 60,000 would be upgrading. That\'s 60,000 worldwide. Globally. So if I was lucky enough to get 10% of the base, maybe I\'d sell 6,000 copies of the book. But I have to be realistic because the US is worth half those sales. So for 3 months worth of work maybe I\'ll sell 1500-3000 copies, worry whether our publisher can get to press and shipping fast enough before the next update that neutralizes the accuracy of the book. Or video, as in Dave\'s case.

    This software is complex stuff. It not only takes hours to learn, it takes dozens of hours to learn well enough to figure out how to teach it simply enough so it becomes as easy as they told you it was in the sales presentation.

    The last time I looked, my landlord wasn\'t subsidizing my Cubase book waiting for me to see a royalty check in 9 months or so.

    So does it come down to the buck? Well, of course it does. If Dave, or myself, or someone else can teach you in such a way that you learn it better and faster and become more productive as a result, then you\'re damn right it comes down to the buck, because our training is worth it!

    But wait! I can hear it right now! Why, it\'s the rumblings of those who want to learn it cosmically for free while still complaining that their music sounds amateurish and can\'t figure out why:


    Because, like the babe who does the L\'Oreal commercial, I\'M WORTH IT.

    It\'s really simple: cough up or screw up. Your choice.

    You can do what so many do, which is to say, \"I\'m a musician, why can\'t I feel my way through?\" Or you can do what so few do which is to say, \"This stuff is avionics. I have to learn something and I have to be procedural so this box will do the music I feel inside.\"

    People who realize we\'re dealing with the musical equivalent of avionics will think like this: \"Yes, $99 does seem a bit pricey. But, for $4300 at Sweetwater Sound I can get a brand new E4 Platinum with a whopping 128MB of RAM. So to equal what my ONE GigaStudio will do, I\'d have to buy 8 (!) E4s or spend $32,000 to do what my ONE GigaStudio will do and all I have to do is spend $99 to learn it? Where do I send the check?\"

    So, does it come down to the buck? Yeah, ultimately yours. So quit whining and order the man\'s video!

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    mmmmmm....sounds good Dave. $99 bucks is more than fair. Hey, is it going to be on DVD? Maybe this has been asked before...but I\'ve started authoring video on DVD and for teaching/tutorials it\'s a great format. Perhaps cost is an issue, but I\'d pay the extra ($10+) dollars for it. Any chance?

    Hey Peter, any chance future videos on your site would come in that format?

    [This message has been edited by jubal (edited 03-07-2002).]

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    I think Nemesys did a lousy job on documentation (mmm, even when Dave worked for them? heheh), but 100 bucks for a GOOD tutorial is not so expensive. Sure, we don\'t know yet if it\'s good and complete. If you need to learn it for your job, no problemo, it\'ll pay itself back quite soon.


    Thanks for mentioning DVD. I know that David at least has thought of the option, as he opted for lossless compression of his video captures.

    I am also a little bit into tutorials, maybe you have some good pointers to introductions on DVD authoring? You can also mail me in private, that\'s:
    peter @ deltaworks.com (without the spaces).

    I\'m working on a project that integrates video captures with plain text search on the content and a structured and interactive table-of-contents. Should be a nice environment for tutorials like David\'s as well... I need to find out good settings and guidelines for re-using my content on DVD as well as streaming media (Mov or Mpg).



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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    Alexander won\'t be doing videos on VHS. Instead, working with Sibelius, we\'re creating an entire Living Textbook Series, which will also take advantage of GOS, that we\'re producing on CD to work in the computer\'s browser and online for our distance education classes. A sleek program to work with that\'s CHEAP, is Magix Video Deluxe on the PC. We can do all our production with this, and depending on our video card, either output to VHS or to CD. For DVD mastering, we\'d send it out. Thanks for asking.

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: A bit off topict but here is the latest on the GigaTutorial

    Sorry to respond so late. My head is currently buried in the project as we speak. It is finnally a full time project and not a back burner item. That is the price suggested by Tascam for the quantity and quality of information in the project. That\'s list price so the buying price will probably be less of course. My first objective is to ship the regular CD-ROM version and make a VCR video version also. DVD would be a later thing if it seems worth while.
    Thanks Alexander for the positive and detailed feedback. Back to work now.

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