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Topic: More RAM

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    More RAM

    My Gigastudio system centres round a Pentium III 1GHz with 512 Mb RAM running on Windows 98. The GOS samples are so damn good (as are the Dan Dean samples) that I want to be able to load up considerably more than what i can at present. Windows 98 with this processor can only accomodate 512Mb RAM, but I\'m told that Windows 2000 (XP or Professional I\'m not exactly sure) can take up to 4Gb (according to the Microsoft website). This would be great if that is compatible with my P3 processor, and I wouldn\'t have to replace it with the P4.

    Can anyone help me with advice here? Basically I want to add more samples and be able to play them back without my PC going nuts and choking or spewing clicks and pops. I\'m hoping somebody with these libraries has come up against this situation and can share with me a solution.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: More RAM

    Hi Jim,

    I understood your remark as \"Windows 98 can\'t support more than 512 Mb\", which is not true.

    I have just checked one of the Asus websites:

    Reading a little bit further, I found out that sadly enough this board can only handle up to 512 Mb...

    I am sorry for you!

    BTW: there is a separate hardware section on this forum. I think you will get more reactions if you post your PC-config questions there!



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    Re: More RAM

    Do some searches on this forum. Windows 98 can support at least up to 2 Gb of RAM, if your Mobo can handle it.
    I am using 768 Mb and there are several people on the forum using 1 Gb (e.g. 4 x 256 Mb Sdrams).
    You can also search for the \"VCACHE\" as you will need to do some minor settings before you plug in the extra Ram.



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    Re: More RAM

    I\'m seraching, Peter, but so far no concrete answers that relate to my setup. What i left out of my initial posting was this: that the motherboard I have is ASUS TUSL2-C Intel815EP ATX. Do you know if this motherboard would support 4x 256Mb SDram?


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    Re: More RAM

    I encourage cautiousness in jumping to Windows 2000 or XP from Win98SE. At Alexander University, we have our own TrueSpec Giga System for sale. First, Giga is NOT optimized for either SSE Instruction set (PIII) or the SSE2 instruction set (P4). So the principle issues with gaining better performance are faster drives, RAM and! Audio drivers. Audio drivers are my greatest concern. To date, we\'ve satisfactorily tested both MIDIMan and RME cards under Win2000. However, we haven\'t yet tested their GSIF drivers under the same OS. This week we\'ll be testing the Terratec EWS 88MT and I\'ll let you know how that goes, but again, this is under Win98SE.

    For RAM, I have a PIII 800 with 768MB RAM and no operational problems.

    For comparison purposes, we tested GigaStudio on both a PIII-800 and P4 1.5GHz. We found no major performance increases except the ability to expand RAM. Depending on the motherboard, you can expand to 3GB using SD RAM, and up 8GB using RD RAM.

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: More RAM

    I\'m interested to hear if anyone has managed to have Win98 use more than 2 Gb of physical RAM. The OS cannot address more than 4 Gb of virtual memory due to its memory management archtecture, like good old NT 4, but I believe they differ with respect to the amount of physical RAM they can use (anyway less than or equal to 4 Gb).


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