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Topic: New 'first GOS demo' posted

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    New \'first GOS demo\' posted


    I thought I just wanted to put this MP3 on my site, since it has been lying around for ages and I am probably not gonna touch this thing again. It is the first piece I did with GOS in beta - so it is GOS in the earliest beta state. It was done just after I saw/heard the first Harry Potter trailer and I think it shows Don\'t expect anything particularly cool. The only part I really like about this myself is the pizzicato part - the legato stringparts could need some work as well as the general orchestration

    Anyway enough whining. The link is here: http://www.melomaniac.dk/MP3/First_GOS.mp3

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    Re: New \'first GOS demo\' posted

    Hey Simon

    What are you using for the Horn sample? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: New \'first GOS demo\' posted

    A combination of Quantum Leap Brass and AO AFAIR.

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