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Topic: Maestro Tools - Legato

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    Maestro Tools - Legato

    I\'m using a Korg X5D keyboard with a generic pedal. I cannot get my pedal to function in such a way that the legato mode works through Maestro Tools! All the inputs/outputs are correct, so it\'s not that. The most I have been able to do with the pedal is cause all the notes to SUSTAIN rather than play legato. Somebody please help!

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    Re: Maestro Tools - Legato


    Let’s get the easy possibilities out of the way first: Are other features (like keyswitching of alternating bow modes) working? Try checking these:

    1. Make sure that you are minimizing Maestrotools (not closing it) when you are done setting it up.

    2. Make sure that you don’t have the “bypass” box checked for the MIDI channel you are working with.

    You could also have your Marblesound drivers improperly assigned, but if the above suggestions don’t help, please contact Gary for tech support from either Jeff or myself.


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