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Topic: Maestro tool and winXP ?

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    Maestro tool and winXP ?

    Where i can found maestro tool for winXP.
    Because ITS VERY GREAT in win 98 but it doesn\'t work in XP .

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    Re: Maestro tool and winXP ?

    Contact Gary. If you are a registered user he will send you a beta copy of the XP version.


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    Re: Maestro tool and winXP ?

    I\'ve heard that another alternative, if you are using an Win98 box for sequencing and a Win2k box for GSt, is to use YellowTools KeySwitch freeware app to route your Maestro Tools output to your external MIDI ports. Check here: http://www.yellowtools.com. I\'m anxious to try this and will as soon as I put together the scratch to get GOS


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    Re: Maestro tool and winXP ?

    I received this utility but I wanted to check with Jeff first to find out how it works with MaestroTools before installing it. Have you checked it out Jeff or anyone else?

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