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Topic: New updates ...

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    New updates ...

    What about the new updates of GOS ?

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    Re: New updates ...

    I am sure Gary or Tom will announce any updates when they\'re ready.....

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    Re: New updates ...

    This is turning into quite a large update - more involved than we had anticipated. We will indeed make an announcement when things are ready to go.


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    Re: New updates ...

    In testing your new attacks, et al, I\'m suggesting you consider getting John Williams\' study score to the Phantom Menace. The particular test piece is Dual of The Fates with the repeated eighth/sixteenth note motive.

    The second test piece, Anakim\'s Theme, exposes the low Violas in a soli section. This is a very wide open piece, excellent to test strings in octaves.

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: New updates ...

    Where can I find the scores that you mentioned?

    I have no idea where to find and/or purchase them.

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    Re: New updates ...

    You can buy them online at Luck\'s Music: http://www.lucksmusic.com

    Here is their catalog:

    Look for the John Williams Signature Editions. I have the Star Wars Suite. I have compared it to the actual soundtracks (by ear) and it is extremely close to what was originally recorded.

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    Re: New updates ...

    These are the same scores John Williams uses when doing concert performances of these pieces. If you\'ve seen any John Williams pieces performed recently, they were probably using these scores.

    I\'ve purchased all of mine from Alexander Publishing. I\'ve always received good service.

    Peter, I recorded Duel of the Fates a little while back. I\'ll check the new updates out with it.

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    Re: New updates ...

    I\'m not exactly sure what the new updates are covering, but since there is obviously a lot of thought going into them I thought I would share one of the problems I\'m having with the library.

    It seems to be really hard to get realistic sounding repeated short notes on the same pitch, even with the alternating bowing. For example, the latest piece I\'m working on I wanted 8th note triplets at at tempo around 170-180 beats per minute. Even when I played these using the alternating bowings they sounded very fake. I ended up using a quarter note-8th note triplet combo instead.

    I know this rapid repeating of a single note is a problem in many many sample libraries, but I thought I would still mention it.

    As always, I\'m excited to hear there are updates in the works and I look forward to getting them. Keep up the good work Gary!

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    Re: New updates ...


    That is precisely one of the areas that this update addresses - that\'s why I have referred elsewhere to the \"short bow variability\" portion of the update. The new variability features give you a variety of tools which will help you to deal with phrases containing rapid, repeated notes.


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    Re: New updates ...

    We represent the entire John Williams collection at: http://www.alexuniv.com/scoring.html


    Peter Alexander

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