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Topic: GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

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    GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

    Classical composer here. Anybody tried Igor Engraver notation software (noteheads.com) with GStudio?

    My thought is to get the simple Conexant GM library for GSt (with the standard 128 instruments) and see if Igor will recognize GSt and this library like it does a synth and automatically set up and playback the appropriate instrument when I select a \"flute\" or a \"violin\" within Igor, for example. Anybody tried it? Should work with Gs EndlessWave as my Midi-Out in Igor, no? Might be an easy way to develop a nicely notated draft of a composition at the MIDI level before assigning better quality sample voices to the MIDI tracks with Gst and Garritan Strings and then going to work on the digital audio level? Thats my reasoning anyways. Thanks for any comments, LifeForce

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    Re: GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

    I haven\'t tried it with Igor, but I have with Sibelius. In fact, we\'ve just created a Sibelius/Giga system that can use the Garritan strings.

    I have a friend at noteheads named Petter Terenius. His name is on the site. Write him for the how-to.

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

    Peter, how close does your Sibelius interface get to the raw MIDI data for direct editing (velocity, note length, volume, controllers, etc.)?

    I\'ve been looking for a notator that can do Cakewalkesque MIDI edits for SOOOOOO long...

    Because music IS a higher being...

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    Re: GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

    Most sequencers have some notation facility, but none of them come close to being as capable as a full blown notation package. I use Logic (which at one time was called Notator), but I wouldn\'t use it as a scoring application, for that I use Finale. I would suggest you use whatever sequencer you use for composition then quantify the heck out of it and export the MIDI file into a notation program (like Igor). It\'s the only way to get the best of both worlds.

    Steve http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne http://www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

    Check out GenieSoft\'s Overture 2 (http://www.geniesoft.com). Even though Cakewalk no longer owns and distributes the product, Overture 2 retains the Cakewalk-style \"Piano Roll\" editor.


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    Re: GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

    After having written two books on Finale, I gave up on using it because it was too cumbersome. The other day I knocked out a full orchestral score template and sketch scorepad in under 30 minutes. Saved them as an Adobel Illustrator file in Sibelius, took the files to Copymax and in a few minutes had sketch paper two-sided, three hole punched, and full score pad at 11x17, both on ivory textured paper.

    You can direct MIDI access, but because I\'ve just switched over, I can\'t really tell you how yet.

    As far as sequencing to get a good score, I like using Logic. I used to use Cubase because I feel the music print out is superior to Logic. But with the release of SX, there\'s just not the time to learn it all and still write music. So I\'m restricting our production efforts to Logic 5, Samplitude, Sibelius and GigaStudio 160.

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: GStudio, Igor Engraver, and Garritan Strings?

    Thanks for these comments. I\'ll be experimenting with Igor and GS soon - for classical composing and especially checking for efficiency (or INefficiency) in getting from sequencing to good clean notation. I share the same goals as others have expressed here, so it\'s always good to know that one is not just the Lone Ranger.
    Best, LifeForce

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