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Topic: Sul Altra Corda EXP!!!

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    Sul Altra Corda EXP!!!

    Ive been messing around with the 1st vln sul altra corda EXP and love em!
    Would it be possible to get more extended range in a future update?
    The celli rich susVs and sul altras go very well together in a melody with the celli playing an octave below the violins .

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    Re: Sul Altra Corda EXP!!!

    Gary recorded the sul altra corda only \"sul g\", he did not record hem \"sul d\" and \"sul a\".

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    Re: Sul Altra Corda EXP!!!

    hmmm, don\'t understand what you mean Jeannot.

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    Re: Sul Altra Corda EXP!!!

    sul G= all notes played on the G string
    Sul D= D string
    Sul A= A string

    Actually I think Gary recorded Sul G And Sul D

    Jsut not the full range of either.

    Knowing how these sound I wish he did

    Really...I am an Idiot

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