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Topic: Various Reverb and Effects Settings for GOS

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    Various Reverb and Effects Settings for GOS

    For NFX, Logic, Cubase and Sonar, would some of you be willing to post your suggested reverb and effects settings that you use with GOS? The format of your post would be something like this:


    etc, here listing each control setting.

    For those not able to get a Lexicon 300, this could be a tremendous boon.


    Peter Alexander

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    Re: Various Reverb and Effects Settings for GOS

    Sure is lonely in here....

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    Re: Various Reverb and Effects Settings for GOS

    Reverb is based SO much on taste.....and taste is based so much on time of day [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    IT depends on the effect I\'m after.

    I like my Roland Reverbs at times. Within my 1680.

    Then I also like SoundStage for some effects.

    I also love Acoustic Mirror, but it requires the right impulses.

    About settings. Again its about the effect your after. sometimes you want to throw on a bit of EQ first and then dump it into a pre send to the reverb, and bring back the Volume fader on the original track, thus putting the strings \"farther back\". Sometimes you jsut want a post fader reverb, with jsut enough of the reverb to give it space. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Various Reverb and Effects Settings for GOS

    Of course, reverb and such are based on taste. But in programs like TC Works Native Bundle and the Waves Gold Bundle (both of which I have) there are still settings for small hall, medium hall, large hall, grand hall, etc. From here, you can edit as required. But if there are some reverbs in this vein that others would like to post, I\'m sure it would be helpful.

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