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Topic: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

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    WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

    I just wanted to shout out a sincere \"Thank You\" to Robert Kral for taking the time to answer our questions in such amazing detail.
    The information you shared is absolutely priceless. My head is starting to spin after my first read through, but it\'s already helped me rethink my approach to the workflow issues I\'ve been experiencing, and I haven\'t even started to digest a fraction of this yet!
    This really sets the bar for future interviews, and your time and experience are greatly appreciated, Robert. And, of course, thanks to Maestro Gary for organizing this.


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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

    yes thanks guys. Definitely a great interview there

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

    Yes great interview! Thanks for taking your time Robert, and I wish you all the best in the future!!!


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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

    Yes, great interview! Thanks Robert, keep up the good work!!


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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

    Where is the interview?

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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

    KRAL RULES!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Rob for spending your valuable time on the extra detailed responses to our questions.

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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...

    Rob KRAL:
    You\'re killing me, just KILLING me!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] 25 minutes of finished music in THREE DAYS!?! Impossible! *wow* I think I am doing good to finish three or four minutes of mastered music a day, and your output was a 8.3 minutes per day pace. Amazing. I printed out the interview (about 30 pages) to go in my reference binder due to the high volume of useful information in there. Thanks!
    So where do we find your music outside of watching a lot of TV? Is you music a complete buyout??

    Doyle W. Donehoo
    Radar Music



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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...


    Yes the music is a complete buy-out. We\'ve tried for ages to get an album happening, but Fox isn\'t really interested. 3 record labels were interested so all we needed wa Fox\'s permission, but it was a no-go.

    They are also reluctant to have mp3s posted on the internet, although they have high respect for sites such as cityofangel.com, which is currently building an mp3 player to play alternate cues that I still own (never went to air).

    And on the speed writing thing, my first orchestral piece (that I mentioned I wrote when I was 15) it took me 2 hours to write and orchestrate the first TWO sixteenth notes (semiquavers). That\'s about a half a second of finished, unrecorded music!


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    Re: WOW!! Oustanding Interview, Robert...


    You keep a reference binder? So it\'s not just me then! Mine is stuffed with EQ and reverb tweaks, seating plans, a few scores, instrument ranges and the like. And yours?

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