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Topic: GOS Lite Questions

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    GOS Lite Questions

    Hello Gary and King Idiot,

    I have a couple of questions regarding the new \"Lite\" line that\'s been released for both Giga and Akai, here they go...

    Since my end instrument will be Unity Session, which would you reccomend that I purchase, the Akai version or Gigasampler? It doesn\'t make much difference to me at this point since both conversions will need quite a bit of tweaking, I just want to purchase the biggest bang for my $300.

    Also, there\'s talk about an upgrade to GOS soon, am I better off waiting, is the upgrade going to reflect on the \"Lite\" versions as well?

    Thanks a bunch guys, I\'m looking forward to your responses!

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    Re: GOS Lite Questions

    We are in the process now of trying GOS on Unity DS-1 for the MAC. There have been some conversion problems with the full Giga Version. I have not tried the AKAI version yet on Unity, but will soon. I also have heard that a Unity update is in the works that will allow better conversion. The AKAI version will come bundled with a free Special Edition of Translator that will allow better translation among various formats. Please email me in about a week and I will have a better idea. gary@garritan.com

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    Re: GOS Lite Questions

    Hello Gary,

    It\'s been about 10 days and Session 3.0.1 has been released.

    Have you had a chance to play with it and what do you reccomend. I would like to buy the Lite library within the next month but I do appreciate your looking into it for what would be the best option for me.

    Would you offer some sort of trade option when the Unity/Session version is released?

    Is the planned Unity/Session version going to be a Lite version or based on the Full library?

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    Re: GOS Lite Questions


    A question or two.
    What does \"Upgrade path to the Advanced GigaStudio Version\" mean? A price break for the future full version purchase?

    I have an AKAI S5000 (as well as GigaStudio), so I wonder if it would be better to get the .gig or AKAI version? My guess is to get the .gig version and translate it to AKAI so I can use either format. Lite version says \"Both Looped & Non-looped Sustains & Sordinos\", which is not in the AKAI version, which suggests the lite .gig version is more flexible.

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    Re: GOS Lite Questions


    Both the Akai and “Lite” versions have been derived from the “Lite” files in the main library. Because of this there is a strong family resemblance between the Akai and the Giga “Lite” versions. Here are some of the things the Giga version offers that the Akai doesn’t:

    1. Both looped and unlooped sustains (the Akai is just looped due to RAM limitations).
    2. Greater depth of control – e.g. keyswitching, WARM filter, and attack envelopes.
    3. More effective EXP (layer crossfades).
    4. GigaStudio Performance files for convenient setups with panning and NFX reverb.

    The Akai has some advantages of its own:

    1. Greater compatibility with other hardware samplers.
    2. Some combination patches that take advantage of the Akai Multi-mode.
    3. A special edition of Chicken Systems\' Translator for more accurate conversions to many hardware formats.

    From what I understand there will be a generous upgrade path to the full library, but Gary will need to fill you in on the details.


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    Re: GOS Lite Questions

    Thanks for the information Tom,

    Previously privately Gary had referred you to me for another little project involving a Beethoven piece and a before and after comparison. More later when I actually have GOS. I do hope others find your information useful besides myself.

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    Re: GOS Lite Questions

    Hello Gary or King,

    A friend of mine brought over his copy of GOS and we run a couple of tests with the Unity Session 3.0.2, primarily converting a couple of the LITE files and seeing what happens.

    I was surprised to hear quite a few tuning problems and it\'s got me wondering if converting the LITE Gigasampler version I would have to manually re-tune the instruments.

    I am interested in purchasing the Gigasampler version of the LITE Library because I would prefer having un-looped versions. However this tuning issue has me a bit worried.

    I would like to know if you guys have encountered these problems in your conversion tests and whether or not there is a work-around. I am looking to make a purchase really soon now, but I am being very cautious concerning potential problems!

    Also, if your official Unity version is coming out soon, I would probably purchase that instead, what\'s the status?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Re: GOS Lite Questions


    Who said anything about an \"official\" Unity version? There are many issues with the Unity on-board converters (and all other software samplers) at this time - tuning being only one issue. I would prefer to discuss non-GigaSampler matters privately. Please email me if you have any further questions.


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    Re: GOS Lite Questions

    Format conversion has been, and will remain, a thorny area (just ask Garth – that’s why Chicken System\'s Translator exists). Specifically in Giga, tuning data can reside at the instrument level, at the region level, and at the sample level – alone or in combination. Any conversion needs to take this into account and accurately combine them, if necessary. I’m unfamiliar with Unity’s conversion so I can’t help you there, but I can tell you that doing the conversion to Akai format resulted in a number of tuning issues that took awhile to solve. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if conversion to other formats had similar issues. Unfortunately, tuning is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conversions.


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    Re: GOS Lite Questions

    QUOTE \"I would prefer to discuss non-GigaSampler matters privately. Please email me if you have any further questions.\"

    Gary, I am somewhat disappointed by your reluctance to discuss non-Giga platforms on a forum that is closely followed by several non-Giga members who are just as interested in these issues.

    For the record I have e-mailed you privately with several questions relating to GOS and never received any response nor aknowledgement from you or your staff.

    I suppose I misunderstood your previous statement in this thread as indicating that you guys were testing out Unity for a potential port of the library...my mistake (and wishful thinking).

    Tom, thank you for giving me at least some of the information that I was looking for. Is it then safe to assume that the Akai version is in tune?

    I guess the weird thing is that, considering the fact that you guys went out and recorded top notch musicians with world-class instruments, they still managed to play as much as 30cents out of whack! Was anyone checking for tuning during the session or are those artifacts created by post-processing? Got Auto-Tune?

    Never mind answering that, I know you guys worked your asses off recording and putting together all of the sounds (I certainly know what that\'s like) and I absolutely don\'t want to undermine your efforts.

    The only thing I am concerned with is that my $$$ will get me something that I can use on my platform of choice. I can deal with fixing the envelopes, I can deal with re-programming performance parameters, even keyswitching....but trying to tune whole step Trills is not my idea of fun! Perhaps you guys might consider releasing tuning information for the individual samples along with the documentation for your library for users interested in doing their own conversion?

    Thanks a bunch and keep it up (and special thanks to Tom for being more patient with us non-Giga crowd)!

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