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Topic: Just Purchased GOS

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    Just Purchased GOS

    Im new here, I just purchased GOS and cannot wait to get it going. I had to purchase more RAM for my P4, I havent received that yet. I purchased 1 gig.
    I have the MOTU 2408II digital interface going digital into a Roland VM7200 mixer. I have 32 tracks of Tascam DA-38, but will soon make the transition to hardrive with Sonar 2.0 and Vegas Audio.

    Ive been using GigaStudio160 for a while now and love it.

    I read about an update for GOS, cant wait to learn more about that!

    Its very exciting to me as a bonafide Midiot to finally have sounds that can duplicate what I hear in my head as I arrange and produce for my clients.

    Well, anyway, its great to be here, I love this BB and look foward to getting to know more maestros!


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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    Congrats on teh purchase, and enjoy all the fun that all the software and samples will bring..

    I will warn you tho, it will take alot of time to get to learn all of it.

    GOS is a fantastic set IMO, but it requires a bit more than just plunking on the keyboards and or writing music on a score to make it really shine.

    Take some time to read previous posts in both this forum and the sample library forum, and learn about Sequencing techniques. As well as Mixing techniques.

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    Don\'t you just hate it when you go to spell \"the\" and \"teh\" comes out?

    It happens to me all teh time!

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    Midphase, I\'m willing to bet both you and King are left-handers...am I right? In fact, the particular combination of music and software/computer savy seems to favor left-handers for some odd neurological reason.

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    Right handed....

    but my brother is left handed [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    Actually I\'m right handed also...but all my fingers are thumbs....does that count? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    OK King Idiot. Do this test: Clasp your hands together, fingers interlaced. Which thumb is on top... left or right? Left ? Surprise!!! This was taught to me by a spanish concert pianist.

    If you\'re interested, I\'ll let you know the significance.


    Joel [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    One track....

    what is the significance?

    Im curious now as my left thumb crosses the right one.....

    i\'m right handed

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    OK I did the test and my left thumb came out on top. What does it mean?

    FWIW, I do physical things (throw football, bat, shoot basketballs, bowl, using a hammer etc.) with my left hand, while more intricate tasks (writing, painting, using tweezers, threading a needle, holding eating utinsils, etc.) are done right-handed. Weird...

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    Re: Just Purchased GOS

    Left Thumb on top here...

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