Cosmos Suite for Organ

After quite a few years, I have finished, revised, deleted,created new music for this suite. Some of it has been posted before, but in a different arrangement and configuration. There are 7 movements, total playing time about 36 minutes. I have no idea of what the Scorch file sounds like, as it barely enters into my work style. The mp3 uses GPO Organ. I have also uploaded the various movements separately.
The movements are:

I Prologue- Song of the Cosmos, 4 minutes
II Asteroids, 5 minutes
III Meteors, 4 minutes
IV Moons, 12 minutes (previously, Callisto)
V Planets, 3 minutes
VI Galaxies 4 minutes (previously, Galactica)
VII Epilogue, 4 minutes (variation of Prologue)
This was originally conceived as a composition for computer and orchestra, which was not such a good idea!