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Topic: Learning Curve

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    Learning Curve

    I just ordered GOS and I\'m very excited to jump in. I was wondering if anyone could give me a estimated time line of learning the library. You know like... You can do a cool song in the first hour of owning, or it will take you at least 3 weeks to make anything that doesn\'t sound like shiiiiioookey, or maybe, by week 10 you\'ll know everything Gary knows....? You know, just in general some idea of what to expect.

    Also, if anyone wants to throw out some getting started tips, I\'d love to read them!


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    Re: Learning Curve


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    Re: Learning Curve

    For INSTANT gratification, load and play the Grand Detaches FIRST. You\'ll be smiling and writing. I wrote music with it right away. The looped GDetaches violin and violas are nearly ut of beta I think, so you\'ll be smiling even more.

    You can get going right away with the \"EXP\" instruments: modwheel fades from soft to loud samples and they\'re great, ESPECIALLY the cellos which are extremely realistic.

    The choice of variety for shorter bowings is stunning and you can use those right away also.

    Best pizzicattos of any library easily.

    But to learn the entire library? Yes, that\'s what ASapp means by \"months\".

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    Re: Learning Curve

    Oh, and his manual is the most beautiful, personal, and informative manual out there for ANY sample library. It helps A LOT. I hate the Dan Dean collections manuals. Reason being because they don\'t even have one. Oh well.

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    Re: Learning Curve

    wow aaron... in one word, that was encouraging... but honest I suppose.. Ohwell, better to start the months now then later [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'m glad there\'s a manual [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Learning Curve

    I only had it for 2 days when I made my first tune with it.
    ( http://www.sitecenter.dk/kobra/nss-folder/mappe/kobra1.mp3 )
    And I know nothing about strings etc... (as you maybe can hear, hehe)

    As soon as I have the time I´ll dive into it.
    And I agree with A_Sapp - its a \"beautiful, personal, and informative manual\"


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