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Topic: I need to hear beautiful strings!

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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!

    If you have Miroslav and like the sound of it, why do you \"want to use\" GOS?


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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!


    Are the \"Tender\" patches comprised of new \"p,MP\" samples?



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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!

    Look forward to getting the violin grand detache loops as well. They are very expressive and nice! Layer those with the 2nd vln WARM susVs on top and you will have some great strings.
    I have also been using the WARM 2nd vln susVs lately which definitely help warm up the sound. Set the GPC controller to about 100 or 105 and you should notice a difference [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!


    The soon-to-be-released update includes a new class of instruments called \"Tender\" which concentrate on the \"p\" and \"mp\" sustain samples in the library. They may be what you are after.


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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!

    Originally posted by Chad Seiter:
    Question about Garritan.

    All the Garritan ones I can find are just WAY too agressive.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I have GOS, MV, AO, and the Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings. Of all of these, Kirk has the most \"aggressive\" sounding strings. I base that on having performed the same musical example with each set of strings. My wife and I are both composers, and neither of us sensed that GOS was way too aggressive at all. So I\'m not sure I understand how you\'re defining \"aggressive.\"

    Could you be more specific?

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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!


    The new Tender instruments use new programming for the existing samples.


    You might explore using GPC-1 (cc#16) on the non-LEG sustain instruments to adjust the attacks to taste (refer to the Controller Assignments Addendum for specifics about each instrument).


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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!

    I hope this helps.


    The tender strings updates are amazing in tone and color.

    Thanks and HELLO everyone [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!

    In general I\'d agree that tender is not GOS strong suit. Yet when you use very low modulation wheel values on the Warm string patches the sound becomes quite nice. GOS doesn\'t use the mod wheel to vary the sound from inaudible to FFF. The lowest setting is the quietest the strings could play, so very low values is exactly where you want to be to get a tender sound. I used this technique on \"In such a small place\" at this page
    http://www.mp3.com/ettienne and the result is I think pretty good.

    For those who care about such things the piano is Gigapiano, the brass is BOB and the flute is me.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: I need to hear beautiful strings!

    Chad, I don\'t know if you got the answers you need yet but I strongly recommend using the EXP instruments with the mod wheel to create flowing, tender passages. Works really well for me when scoring. The one adjustment I made to them was to the crossfade layers: I made the pp sample fade out to zero so that I could swell up from nothing and back down to it.

    Sounds incredible.

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