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Topic: Questions as I'm new with GOS

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    Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    I got my GOS collections last week and I\'m digging through everything while trying to get work done.... probably should have waited for a vacation to jump in, but oh well. A couple of issues...

    1) How many Giga Machines do I need? I have a P4 1.7 Ghz with 512 RAM, and I get the Vln. 1, Viola, Cello and DB long bows loaded and I\'m sitting over 90% RAM. Humm.... Doesn\'t leave me much room. I\'m hesitant to buy more RAM because I\'m using the not so cheap RDram, and I also have heard Giga won\'t recognize as much as I could put in.... what does everyone else do to get around this?

    2) I\'m struggling to make the Legatos work well....I\'m using maestro tools and I think I\'ve managed to figure out the playing technique, but it\'s seems to work best with only one part, and it\'s just not sounding super legato... anyone want to offer some tricks and tips?

    3) The auto alternator is pretty dang cool, but the samples seem to run short.... the higher register of the instruments are not sampled..... any reason for this?

    I think that\'s all for now. I think this library is the bomb and I can\'t wait to really learn to use it! Later

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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    Hey J.,

    Re your 1t question:
    This sounds to me as if you are loading the entire Gig files, whereas you better select individual instruments within the Gig files. For this, first click on the \'+\' icons in front of the Gig file names, in the lower half of the GigaStudio window (The \"QuickSound\" area). You wil; see that the Gig file contains a list of instruments that you can load selectively (right click and use the Load command).

    You should be able to load quite a bunch of Gos instruments this way.


    Peter / emano

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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    yea, that helped... didn\'t know I could do that. But the it\'s still pretty memory hogging. I loaded only the Vln. SUSV EXP Leg and it grabbed 21% of my memory... humm... guess I\'ll have to buy more RAM [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] I figured 512 would have been enough for a good start....

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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    Well, hopefully the next tip will also help you gain some more memory for GigaStudio:

    Go to Start (menu), select the Run... command and type \"System.ini\". Hit OK. This should open the Notepad editor with this particular system file.

    Check if there is a section with the heading \"[vcache]\". If there is, you should edit it. If not, you should add it.

    Windows tries to use a percentage of your (now valuable) Ram memory for its disk caching (buffering). If you specify the upper limit yourself, you are effectively telling Windows not to be too greedy here.

    Try these settings:


    You can also experiment with lower values, like 16384. You will find you will gain a little bit more memory, but the penalty is somewhat slower loading times in GigaStudio. Multiples of 1024 or even 4096 or 8192 are recommended, since other parts of your disk system also work block sizes like that.


    Peter / emano

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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS


    How much RAM can you gain by adjusting the Vcache?



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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    These are some articles from Microsoft with background information. I could not find the default percentage. Anyway, with more than 512 Mb Ram, you can actually run out of memory (!) if you do not explicitly overrule the default behavior.



    (vcache is inherited from older Win systems).


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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    Well, I tried it and it didn\'t help one bit [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Any other Ideas anyone?

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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    ty using the lite instruments to lay out your ideas, then go back and flech out parts with the full instruments.

    Thats what the LITE versions are there for.

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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    Originally posted by J. Whaley:
    Well, I tried it and it didn\'t help one bit [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Any other Ideas anyone?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I forgot to mention that after changing the Vcache settings, you need to reboot before the system applies the new settings. And, in my opinion, it really should make a difference. By default, Windows uses a significant amount of Ram for VCache.

    I forgot to check if you are maybe running Windows XP, which no longer uses this approach to setting Vcache. So, my remarks only apply to using Gst with Windows 98.

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    Re: Questions as I\'m new with GOS

    I\'m using win 2k, and I did restart.... I guess I\'ll have to figure something else out.

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