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Topic: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

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    Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    A major benefit of being a Maestro owner of the GOS library is that your investment is protected with FREE updates. Well, when GOS gives a FREE update, we don\'t hold back. After many months of challenging work, and in response to many user requests, we started shipping today another incredible update with OVER 1.5GB and over 400 NEW instruments on two CD ROMS! No other sample library has this benefit. The Garritan Orchestral Strings Advanced GigaStudio version is now an expanded 18-CD set. Here\'s what\'s included in this fantastic new update:

    • “Release Triggers” for the various Sustain Instruments - These high-quality samples capture the subtle release of the bow coming off the string, in addition to the body resonance of the instrument and the ambience of the recording hall.
    • “Grand Sustains” (Looped Grand Détachés) – by King Idiot
    • “Aggressive” Short Bow Instruments – by KingIdiot
    • “Looped” Sustain Instruments (KeySwitch & Lite)
    • “Slides” Toolbox (new Up and Down Slides at various intervals)
    • New “Key Switch” Instruments
    • “Tender” Long Bow Instruments
    • “Variability” Short Bow Instruments - Inventive programming provides small variations to repeated tones with rapid short-bow passages. The user can control the intonation, character, brightness, and attack.
    • Custom Modifications & Combo Key Switches – by Jeff Beal
    • “Exaggerated Range” Instruments
    • All “WARM” Library
    • Extended Range (Short Bow Instruments)
    • Maintenance Files
    • “Performance Setups” for the GigaStudio DSP Station
    • “Impulse Response” Samples (Concert Hall 1, Concert Hall 2 & Vintage Hollywood)
    • “Ambient Noise” Samples – a Gig file comprising samples of the “air” of a concert hall along with low-level murmurs, body movements, shuffles, chair movements, instrument muffles, coughs, rustling, and other idiosyncrasies,
    • MaestroTools XP
    • Virtual MaestroTools for the Emagic Logic Audio Environment
    • String Writing Course Excerpts - Alexander University
    • GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial – Excerpts by Dave Govett
    • The Guide to MIDI Orchestration Excerpts – By Paul Gilreath
    • Translator Demo with Giga File Viewer – from Chicken Systems

    The updates started shipping today and everyone should receive their copy within the next few weeks. Thanks to those who have made contributions and suggestions for the update. ENJOY!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    Gary, all I can do is [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ! You rock.

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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    Your mentality is to learn from - in all aspects of life.


    CornerStone Music

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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    What can I say except THANKS! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    Not only are you setting new standards with your library Gary, but also in customer service as well.

    Thanks for the updates.

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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    I\'d like to also say to Gary a BIG thanks for his terrific customer support.
    Gary if you\'re ever in my neck of the woods at House of Blues, drinks are on the house! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    Ya know, I had a bunch of gaps of GOS I didn\'t really want to mention, but hell, this update just about fills all of them. I was looking for more aggressive short bows and softer long bows as well. Well done.

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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users


    And some people out there like to call this just a \"hype machine\".

    YEAH RIGHT!!!!!


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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    Don\'t forget to thank Tom Hopkins for those long days he still puts in!!


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    Re: Announcing Free Updates for GOS Users

    I\'d also like to add to the list of people offering thanks for the updates. I think Gary has raised the bar and it seems that other developers are responding with updates--which really makes the investment in a top shelf library worthwhile. Stellar work guys!

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