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Topic: Maestro tolls where?

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    Maestro tolls where?

    I run Giga and Logic on different computers.
    Where must be MT on comp. with Giga or on comp with Logic?
    Thank You very much.

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    Re: Maestro tolls where?

    Giga computer on the applications drive, not the audio drive.

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    Re: Maestro tolls where?

    Thank You very much for answer, but I don\'t understand it. I\'ve asked where I must put Maesro tools on comp N1 with logic or on comp N2 with Giga.

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    Re: Maestro tolls where?


    you will have to install MTools on your Gigamachine as described in the MTools help(readme?), since Logic will probably not allow you to set up a satisfactory MIDI-routing on its machine. MIDI-driver-problems will occur pretty certain...

    Let me invite you - as an alternative to this - to try my environment-layer \"Virtual MTools\" for Logic, allowing you to apply all the MaestroTools-tricks and some amazing new features such as user-defined \"multi-channel-keyswitching\" within the Logic-MIDI-circuit BEFORE recording data. This way you don\'t have to care about MaestroTools-settings before playing back any arrangements as they were intended.

    Although Gary planned to add my layer to the GOS-update (I don\'t have recieved mine yet - ...germany...), feel free to request the layer contacting me at gos@gmxpro.net (everybody...).



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    Re: Maestro tolls where?

    Thank You very much for help,Roman.
    I sent letter with reqwest of Your logic tool to Your email.

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