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Topic: GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

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    GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

    Our project is finished at last. Just working out manufacture & distribution details to get it out the door to you all. The final product simply rocks!
    David Govett

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    Re: GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

    For all those GOS users who want to learn more about the operation of GigaStudio, Dave Govett\'s GigaStudio Mastery is a must have. This is an excellent multimedia course that guides you through all the various aspects of using GigaStudio in a step-by-step manner. The course
    integrates AVI movies, tutorials, screenshots and plenty of examples throughout the lessons.

    Dave has been gracious enough to provide us with a multimedia sample of his GigaStudio Mastery course in the free upgrade package that will be sent to GOS users. On the GOS Update discs is an excerpt of a lesson that demonstrates the use of the Multiple Layer Crossfade Editing Tool with GOS. This sample lesson shows the basics of creating very realistic string crescendos and custom cross-fades between instrument layers and even between multiple instruments.

    Finally there is a guide that makes GigaStudio understandable, for the beginner and advanced power-user alike. Check it out when you receive the updates - highly recommended for all GOS users.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

    I\'d certainly like to see the sample of the Tutorial (and a listing of the topics covered - and time devoted to each topic), so that I can decide if I should buy it. As for the sample, hopefully it\'s some \"gem\" -- some fairly complicated and hard to understand matter in Gstudio. I understand that this would be giving away a \"secret\" for free, but how would I know whether tutorial truly does deal with advanced issues that I don\'t understand, or if it\'s merely a multimedia version of an adequate manual.
    David, can you make this sample available to the general Gstudio audience?

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    Re: GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

    I think you will be blown away with the project if I may be a bit immodest. The clip that is on Garry\'s updates does cover a very important subject and that is the crossfade layering tool that is used extensively in Garry\'s string library to create those fine realtime controlled crecendos. I\'ll see what I can do to make it available to everyone. I\'ll get it and some screenshots and details on my website as soon as possible. I\'ll be sure and post on all the forums when I do. I\'ll see if Tascam can post it at the NemeSys site also. It may also get released in other venues too.(magazines possibly)You will have no trouble deciding on if it is what you want once I\'m done updating things. I\'ll include screenshots of the front pages of each disk that list all the topics and work on a timing list and include screenshots of the lessons themselves. The whole set covers at least 4 hours and possibly more but I haven\'t run the latest totals yet. By the way, the price will actually be $59.00 list (down from the original idea of 99.00)to make it totally irresistable and that includes a couple of full sets of samples. (DX piano 8 velocity and a complete 4 velocity split drum kit) Thanks for the good questions. I\'m confident that you won\'t be dissapointed.
    Take care
    David Govett

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    Re: GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

    It\'s a day since my last post and we added up the time totals of the tutorials. I was a bit off it turns out. I estimated at least 4 hours but I\'ll be damm if it\'s not over 6 hours! (full screen on 4 disks)
    Anyway, I\'ll have some demo versions on my website shortly that you can download and they will have screen shots from the lessons, some brief descriptions and running times. I\'ll anounce it on all the sections when it is ready.
    David Govett

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    Re: GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

    Again, congrats Dave.

    Anxious to check it out.

    I dont know anyone who shouldn\'t buy it at the price drop. You get sampled instruments ANd a tutorial?

    Awesome, and good luck man!

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    Re: GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM Tutorial Done!

    Very Cool, Dave.

    Any Estimates in terms of when the discs will be ready for purchase?

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