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Topic: Updates arrived today!

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    Updates arrived today!

    Just wanted to say thanks to Gary, Tom, and King for the great updates [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] I still haven\'t gotten around to trying everything, but from what I have heard so far, they sound great and the new room impulses are very cool [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Updates arrived today!

    I just got mine today, and even though I\'ve just started loading stuff in I\'ve been sifting through it for quite a while.

    First impressions:

    Awesome documentation!!!
    The pdf file does a great job explaining the update in detail and walking GOS users through the update process. One question I have (which will sound absolutely basic to most users): Once I update the specified instruments using the articulation files, the old setup is gone, right? Is this what I\'m supposed to do, or are the old articulation files meant to be kept on hand as an option (I haven\'t changed them at all)? I\'m guessing that the new articulation files are meant to be a complete replacement for the old, but if somebody could confirm that I would really appreciate it.

    Judging from the enclosed teaser, David Govett\'s tutorial is going to be absolutely fantastic. A very well presented way of looking over the shoulder of a giga master. Thanks to the new tutorial posted by Tascam, I\'m feeling more at ease with giga than ever before - and David\'s CD looks like a great way to solidify my understanding of the program.

    Fantastic stuff, Gary and company. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I\'m blown away.

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    Re: Updates arrived today!


    Yes, the update articulation files overwrite the existing .gig file data. If you haven’t made any custom modifications there’s no reason to keep copies of the old ones – just proceed with the updates. In fact, in the case of the updates that add new sample material, older articulation files will not work following the update procedure because the sample pools in the .gig files will have changed.

    If you have made custom changes to your files and want to keep those changes, you will need to:

    1. (For all .gig files that use *only* articulation files for the update process) Save an articulation file of your existing .gig file prior to updating. This will give you a copy of all custom changes that you have made. Give this custom file a name that will clearly identify it. You can use this articulation file to revert to your old configuration if you wish. Alternatively, you could save a copy of the entire .gig file under a different name, but it is not necessary and will take additional HD space.

    2. (For all .gig files that add new sample material during the update process) Save a copy of the entire .gig file under a different name prior to updating. This will take additional HD space.

    Please note that if you have made any custom changes to any of the actual samples contained in your copy of the .gig files you will get an error message during the application of the update articulation files (because the sample pool has been altered by you and will no longer match our reference files).

    One other thing: Some of the updates are *optional* (ALL WARM, Exaggerated range, etc.) and are meant to be applied after the completion of the standard updates. If you apply any of the optional updates and later wish to revert to the standard updates, there is a folder that contains articulation files for this purpose. It is labeled “Revert to Standard Update (normal range)” and is located a couple of folders deep in the “New Instruments via Articulation Files” folder.


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    Re: Updates arrived today!

    Thanks for the quick reply, Tom. I\'m looking forward to trying out all the new stuff.

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    Re: Updates arrived today!

    Uhh, I hope we in Scandinavia will get the update soon too. Will we get it automaticly or do we have to contact the place where we bought it? (like bestservice.de etc...)

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    Re: Updates arrived today!

    Tom / Gary

    Call me anxious, but is there an ETA on the delivery of said update? I am here in Portland and purchased the Library about three months ago.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Updates arrived today!

    Steve_T: Most likely your update will be sent directly from Best Service in Germany. If you have a more immediate need, please email me.

    Anxious Rob: (You said to call you anxious) Your updates have been mailed and you should receive them soon.


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    Re: Updates arrived today!


    Thanks for the update (BOTH!!!!!!!). I appreciate the effort and ongoing service you put into this fine library.

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    Re: Updates arrived today!

    I got mine a few days ago! I haven\'t gotten to all the .ART updates and release trigger things yet, but the new aggressive short bows sound like a great addition to the library - especially the celli! Also of course the looped grand detaches looped are nice. And jumping a bit \'outside\' the library, I\'ll have to take a look at that preview strings course from Alexander Publishing too. Nice package and deal here

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    Re: Updates arrived today!

    Still waiting here, too. I emailed Gary but haven\'t heard back from him yet.


    Originally posted by pantonality:
    Has everyone received their update? Or is there someone as unfortunate as me who hasn\'t received them yet? Have they all been mailed? They teach us to be patient in the midwest, but sometimes it\'s hard?

    Steve Chandler
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