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Topic: advice

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    I have the Garritan Str Library and maestro tools.
    Registered user (though havent recieved any updates which makes me worry)

    I have tried the various intruments many times.
    I recognise the midi controllers that affect attack etc..and i have identified the patches that are applicatble to those attack controllers.

    I just can\'t find any violin patch, whether it be firsts or seconds or a complete string patch that has a strong attack..as when played with vigor on a downstroke/bow. I\'m sorry i cant use the specific term for those ofe with string terms.

    Imagine Eine Keine Nacht Music..openning theme but orchestrated for full string ensemble. All in in usinson on the opening theme. All to be played firmly and with a clean attck...

    tell me which patch to use?

    Appreciate your patience.

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    Re: advice

    Sadly no reply.

    Again I went through the instruments and can\'t find a suitable patch with a strong attack. Those that have adjustable attack don\'t seem to go far enough.

    Am i wrong? Have i missed something?

    Perhaps someone could tell me which instrument they believe would be suitable for mapping of the part as outlined in the previous post. I would dearly like to know.


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    Re: advice

    There are no patches with a very hard attack into a sustain. What I do is layer short bows over the top of the sustain instruments. This can give you the attack you\'re looking for.

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    Re: advice

    Lets forget about sustain...

    I just want a strong attack on the string..

    So, are we saying that there is no strong attack.
    I cant find a strong attack on short bows as well.
    This is where i initially expected to find them.

    Im talking if a player has a note with a \"f\" under and an > over the note.

    I must be missing something obvious.

    Please let me know.

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    Re: advice


    Sorry about the delay in responding – I took the weekend off. King has already given the suggestion I would have initially offered: Layering one (or more) short bows with the sustains, which can give an enormous number of attack possibities. Marcatos and marteles tend to have the strongest attacks, spiccatos are usually more subdued and sweeter. You might try layering various combinations of short bows (1st violin marcato with 2nd violin marcato; marcato with spiccato, etc.).

    Since you seem to require even more aggressive attacks you might also try EQing one or more of the layered instruments to emphasize brightness and bow noise. When you apply EQ experiment with a parametric to boost the 2-5khz area somewhat. By adjusting the relative levels of the layers you should be able to vary the “bite” of the attacks. Try adjusting GPC-8 (length control) on the short bow instruments.

    You might also try the new VAR2 instruments in the update package, they tie velocity to attack speed, but still, they only get as aggressive as the original samples. You may want to try combining the new release trigger sustains with one or more short bows. The release trigger instruments work reasonably well for doing both long and short bows within a passage, while the layered short bow instruments can be used to vary the “bite.” The VAR1 instruments dispense with length control to give the more standard MIDI note length = sample playback length. These can give a different impression of definition.

    King has created some aggressive short bows for the new update package but they are only available in the violas, cellos and basses (I think he felt that this was where they were most needed).

    I hope one or more of these suggestions gets you closer to what you are trying to accomplish.


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    Re: advice

    Tom and King

    thanks for the advice and suggestions.
    I got closer to what i wanted.

    I am a bit disappointed that there is no strong attack violins patch. I would have thought this
    would have been a \"must have\"..but obviosly not.
    Perhaps something to list as a possible update.

    On the other hand, i must say i\'m extremely impressed with many of the other instruments.
    Please don\'t read my comments as totally negative
    regarding the library. Now that i\'m becoming familiar with the nature of the instrments, I will write my parts to suite.

    again thanks

    all the best

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    Re: advice

    I was playing with betas of the aggressive patches I made today (I still ahven\'t got the full update [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Soon tho )

    Anyhow. I really dig them. I always thought the violins had enough variation in the short bows, and that you could use the martele\'s to get a \"hard attack\" ove the sustains. But now I\'m thinking that maybe I could have updated the violins as well. Maybe another update in teh future. I\'m working on other things for you guys right now

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    Re: advice

    I have always thought the Tasto attacks on the violins were plenty sharp. With the up and down bowing they are almost as percussive as a snare drum. It must be something different you were looking for. The bases and cellos did need some stronger attacks and Mr Idiot has created some nice improvements in that area.

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    Re: advice

    For the record..again..I have loaded the updates and all art files.
    The new aggressive patches are excellent.
    I really felt there was a hole in this library but the updates have plugged it pretty well.

    well done to all those people who have worked on this.


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