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Topic: How to produce faster attacks

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    How to produce faster attacks

    Just noting comments in the threads below, it is not difficult to produce very fast realistic attacks using a wave editor. I was experimenting a few months ago when none of the short bows were working for an aggressive section I was doing. Using GOS Marcato I tried time compressing the attack portion (don\'t!), then deleting the initial attack portion and volume drawing a fast attack, but you loose bow noise coming through at the beginning. The solution was to cut and paste-merge the the first 40ms with the second 40ms, crossfaded, as follows:

    You first draw a fade down over the first 40ms or so (varying this from sample to sample helps realism), and draw a fade up over the next 40ms. Then simply cut the first section and paste-merge over the next without moving the cursor.

    Once the method was established it took 30sec per sample to produce a stunningly aggressive bow. (I admit I added some extra bow noise on a seperate midi track for a little extra crunch for one run).

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    Re: How to produce faster attacks

    This is partly what I did for the agreesive short bows in the update. Using exponential fades helps alot, with amplitude compensation.

    Vegas is the best route to go if anyone is interested. I can in fact do basics of these edits on all the short bows in about a half hour with vegas 3.0

    You can go even further. but I\'m actually trying to develop a MIDI plug in idea that involves waht I\'d go into detail with here [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] So lets wait a little bit [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Also EQ inthe mids at about 1-2k and some limiting helps out alot as well.

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