Hello Everyone,

I have posted this separately from the previous Christmas thread so it isn't missed amongst the posts.

Arrangements for sending in completed songs are now in place. I have posted complete information in Gary's new forum at the following link.

Community Christmas Album 2014 ~ New Arrangements For Sending In Songs

A summary is as follows.

For our newer members, before sending in your song and to avoid upset or disappointment, please check your song meets the criteria in our requirements for entry.

I would draw your attention to line (k) in the list. "Sending in the song is no guarantee that it will be included on the CD". However, let's remain positive and optimistic for this wonderful opportunity.

You can view the list of necessaries here.

To send in your song.

(a) Prepare your song as a WAV file (not MP3). Dan has written that 16 bit, 24 bit or higher is fine with him.
(b) Upload your song using either your own web-space or one of the free file hosting/sharing sites.
(c) Send me a link to your uploaded file either via Private Message in this or the new forums or to the following email address:


Please do not post a link to your song file in either forums.

That's it .. So Send 'em In.

Thanks and best wishes to everyone.