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Topic: problem with gigaharp

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    problem with gigaharp

    Hi! I recently purchased the gigaharp library, but since I use an e-mu sampler, I tried to convert it from .gig to e-mu format, and it produced strange results. I already did this many times, using awave studio, and I never had a problem, until now. Certain samples (many of them) seem to become corrupted when I try to map them on my e-mu and loose any resemblence with a harp. Is this a strategy to prevent users from copying and converting your samples? If so, this is really troublesome and made me loose some of my precious time. I hope there\'s a simple way to fix this.

    Moreover, out of resources, I asked someone to try it on his Giga (he did not keep the samples afterwards, of course), and he found that a large number of the samples could not be opened in an editor to be modified, because they are \"compressed\". Now, this is more than troublesome. If you don\'t let those who buy your sounds modify them to fit their needs, then there\'s a problem somewhere... I understand your desire to protect your investment and your business, but, I feel like users are paying the penalty here.
    Thank you for helping me to find a solution.

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    Re: problem with gigaharp


    If I remember correctly GigaHarp is compressed in WA! format. Which is why the editor wont export out to an audio editor. This was partly protection, but AWAVE can decompress this format so its not really thatanymore.However converting to thisformat isbeneficialto the performance of the gig instrument itself. It requires less disc accessto load more of the sound in this format.

    About the conversion to EMU. Not sure. It shouldn\'thave a problem with the sample format itself. Its probably something in the conversions.

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    Re: problem with gigaharp

    The GigaHarp is under the exclusive control of Nemesys/Tascam. The files were encrypted in a compressed proprietary format by Nemesys several years ago. I believe most, if not all, of their exclusive libraries were so encrypted. I\'m not sure what their strategy was. Try contacting Tascam about this issue.


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    Re: problem with gigaharp

    I see... Thanks for your reply.

    About Awave studio, I already converted successfuly other .gigs toward e-mu format after formating a HD with Awave.

    We just received CDxtract 4 which is supposed to handle and convert compressed files. I`ll try it out and tell you if it works...

    Be at peace.

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    Re: problem with gigaharp

    I assume that when you say \"Emu\" you mean \"Soundfont?\" Awave doesn\'t do anything with Emu E3 or EOS. Even so, you mentioned mapping them on your Emu...? I don\'t understand how you are doing this.

    You probably would want to contact Awave - I\'m sure they know more than the normal person on what is happening.


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    Re: problem with gigaharp

    Actually, the purpose of that compression was not intentionally done for copy protection. The copy protection behavior is simply a side effect and can provide a minor stumbling block to pirating the libraries and porting them to other formats. It is basically a simple 2:1 compression routine that works real well on long sustain simple waves like harps, plucked instruments like guitars and basses and of course pianos. This allowed the GigaHarp to fit on a standard single CD instead of having to create a multi disk version which would take up more space and cost more to make. Any time you can shave off a disk in a production run, it really cuts down the price a good bit. It also benifits the performance a little bit as the King said. Thats all there was to the NemeSys \"strategery\" I\'m the one that personally created the compressed master of the GigaHarp so I know this all first hand.
    Take care
    David Govett

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    Re: problem with gigaharp

    Thanks for the details! I did not have time to try the conversion yet, but I have good hope that everything will work fine.

    Is it possible to edit compressed files through GSedit? If it is, how?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: problem with gigaharp

    Problem solved! CDxtract correctly converted all the samples, including the compressed ones. Can anyone tell me how one can edit compressed samples in their original form? Maybe most people don\'t edit them at all, but some might want to...
    Au revoir!

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