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Topic: Combining Half/Whole tone Trills?

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    Combining Half/Whole tone Trills?


    I have absolutely no experience in Giga programming. I am just curious:

    How much (and how advanced) programming is required to accomplish the following:

    Key switching between half and whole note trills, and velocity control (EXP) on the mod wheel.

    This would sure be a great tool to have!

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    Re: Combining Half/Whole tone Trills?


    The keyswitching is a relatively simple matter and quite feasible. The EXP, on the other hand, is more problematic. EXP isn’t “velocity control,” it is control of layer crossfades. Since the trills are single layer instruments this is not possible in the literal sense. But, . . . if you just want volume control from the mod wheel, that can be done. I’m in a bit of a hurry right now but I could post a procedure for you later to accomplish this. Or you could contact me directly and we’ll work it out.


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    Re: Combining Half/Whole tone Trills?

    I just sent this along to Malo but thought others might find it useful as well. Here’s a little tutorial on how to create the combination he was asking for using the 1st Violins as an example:

    1. Load the 1st Violins Additional Techniques 1 file into the Instrument Editor. It is best to run the Instrument Editor as a stand-alone program rather than from within GigaStudio - it\'s more stable that way.

    2. On the instrument list on the left highlight the trill instruments #4 and #5 by holding down the \"control\" key of your computer keyboard while clicking on each of them. They should both turn dark blue if you have done this correctly.

    3. Keep your cursor over these instruments and right click. This will bring up a menu. Choose \"Combine instruments.\" This will open a \"combine instruments\" window.

    4. In the left upper box (which displays the names of the two instruments to be combined) reverse the order of the two instruments by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the box. 1st Vln Trills/Whole should be on top now. This will place the half trills on the first keyswitch.

    5. In the left lower box (Using this controller ...) click on the down arrow and choose \"keyboard\" from near the end of the list.

    6. In the right upper box type in a new name for your instrument - used something like: \"1st Vln Trills half/whole KS (C2-C#2).\"

    7. In the right middle box choose the program number for the new instrument (I chose 125 in my mockup).

    8. Click on the \"OK\" button.

    Now you have the basic keyswitch instrument constructed but there\'s more to do:

    9. Double click on the new instrument in the list on the left. In the right lower portion of the properties window you will see two boxes, \"Dimension key start\" and Dimension key end.\" Change the start key to C2 and the end key to C#2.

    10. Click OK.

    11. While the new instrument is highlighted in blue in the list on the left, place your cursor to the left of the first region in the regions display (just below the keyboard graphic), hold the left mouse button down and drag to the right across all regions. Release the left mouse button. All regions should turn yellow if you\'ve done this correctly.

    12. In the middle of the screen you will see a box titled \"Keyboard.\" This box has two segments. The left segment will be green and the right segment white. Place your cursor in the green segment, hold the left mouse button down and drag to the right over the white segment. Release the mouse button and both segments should now be green (dark green left, light green right).

    13. Click on the \"Mix/layer\" tab on the right. Notice that the box labeled \"Attn control\" says \"none.\" Click on the down arrow to the right of the box and choose \"(1)Mod wheel.\" If all regions and keyswitch layers were properly highlighted (as described above) this will assign mod wheel control of level for the entire instrument.

    14. Click on the \"Apply Mix/layer\" button.

    15. Save the .gig file.

    16. Re-profile your HD so that the changes will appear in the QuickSound database.

    The mod wheel controls volume from silence to maximum. Don\'t forget to advance the mod wheel after loading the instrument or you won\'t hear anything. You can use this same procedure for creating the other trill combinations.


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