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Topic: GOS - mic-ing

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    GOS - mic-ing

    Hi Gary,

    Can you tell me which file (and poss where I can get it), to hear GOS at their dryest.

    I have a feeling the people making these GOS demos may be adding reverb and/or other effects.

    I\'d like to hear what the original strings sound like,

    so I can know what raw sounds I\'d be working with if I bought this package.

    Thanks ... Charlie Miller jazzhorn@bellsouth.net www.icorp.net/cmill/

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    Re: GOS - mic-ing


    It would be best if you could hear the library for yourself. Please email me and I\'ll see if we can arrange a demonstration in your area.


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    Re: GOS - mic-ing

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you. I\'m in the New Orleans area. Our major music store here is named Werlein\'s if that will help.

    Peace, Charlie Miller

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