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Topic: Maestro Tools Installation Problem

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    Maestro Tools Installation Problem

    Anyone seen this problem? I installed Maestro Tools XP from the Updates disk. I\'m running XP, along with a Unitor 8, and GS 160 v. 2.5. Three observations:

    1) Maestro Tools lists no MIDI device inputs for any of the four Ports,

    2) No Marble MIDI port shows up in the control panel audio/midi applet, Sonar, or GS settings.

    3) I can\'t uninstall Maestro Tools from the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel. I can \"repair\" (reinstall) it, but I can\'t get it off. Error message says \"Couldn\'t open installable driver DLL,\" then \"Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.\"

    Well, I suspect our friendly package vendor is monitoring this forum, and Gary, I\'ll be glad to communicate directly about this, but has anyone else run across it? I just did a clean re-install of the entire system to get a fresh start and I don\'t feel like going through that again.

    Any comments are welcome. Thanks.

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    Re: Maestro Tools Installation Problem


    Your situation can be a result of a number of factors. I\'ll pass the information to Jeff, the MaestroTools programmer. Please call and we\'ll get you up and running.


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    Re: Maestro Tools Installation Problem

    Thanks, Gary - I\'ll call early next week (after I install the rest of the Updates).

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    Re: Maestro Tools Installation Problem

    Hello Dale!

    Thank a lot for you kindly answer!
    (I can\'t find your e-mail, so i\'m writing here)

    I\'ve also tried a few emagic\'s installations on my XP, so maybe you are right about its influence on the midi status of the system.

    It\'s a pity, that you haven\'t tried uninstall maestro tools immediately before installation some emagics stuff. It could be the best test

    I can\'t reinstall my XP right now, but maybe I\'ll make a fresh XP on other HD (to check this and some other problems). And the secondary way: I\'ll search all \"lock out\" references about midi in the regestry.

    If I\'ll have some result I\'ll inform you (your e-mail needed)

    Good luck!


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    Re: Maestro Tools Installation Problem

    Betzalel -

    When I told you about \"locking out\" midi ports, I wasn\'t referring to a literal code in the registry, just a behavior. I don\'t know if the latest USB driver was more \"polite\" or if it was just some accidental. As I mentioned, I may have some other approaches to the uninstall problem (when I can find the time). Eager to hear how your second HD test works out. I\'ll be in touch.


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    Re: Maestro Tools Installation Problem

    I have the same problem in Win2K... MT can\'t find my midi input drivers (Midiman 2X2 USB)

    Nothing appear in the setup ... but GStudio 160 detect it ...

    And I can\'t install Marble Sound Drivers too ...

    What\'s the solution ?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Maestro Tools Installation Problem

    Hi Syquest
    I\'m just making a reply to Keith\'s similar topic which you could check out. Specific to your question though, you won\'t need to ever worry about installing Marble Sound drivers - it is all automatic during the installation.
    We should be able to get things running on W2k, but Win2k is limited compared to WinXP in the number of midi drivers it allows, and this is one of the reasons win2k isn\'t officially supported for Maestro. If you have a large number of midi devices there could be trouble, but so far I don\'t believe any GOS/W2k users have been prevented by that limit from using Maestro.

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