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Topic: Upgrading GOS.

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    Upgrading GOS.

    You will have to excuse my ignorance as a brand new GOS owner of only one week\'s standing but I\'m stuck with the upgrades.

    My copy of GOS came with the upgrade disks 17 and 18. I have a problem with the new sample material with articulation files especially. I followed the install instructions on page 5 of the PDF file and upgraded the 1st Violins Long Bows 1. What I\'m wondering is what other Violin Long Bows I should apply the same upgraded .GIG and .ARTs files to and so on. The more I looked into it the more confused I got about what upgrade .GIGs and .ARTs apply to what I already have installed.

    It must be my lack of knowledge of GOS I presume but is there a list of what upgrades apply to exactly what files somewhere? for example, the 1st Violins Long Bows 1 should be applied to these files....


    Dave Marsden

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    Re: Upgrading GOS.


    Contact us directly and we\'ll take you through the entire process. Support is one of the things you purchased with the library. Gary can be reached at gary@harps.com. He can give you my phone number and email address.


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