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Topic: PC Optimization for GOS

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    PC Optimization for GOS

    We are working on writing a comprehensive tutorial for optimizing PCs for GigaStudio and GOS. Since GOS uses a great deal of resources, it is important that your Giga DAW be optimized and running at its best.

    We are looking for some input as to what tweaks and optimization tips you find most useful for getting the most out of GigaStudio and GOS. Your input would be greatly appreciated. TIA

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: PC Optimization for GOS

    HARLO!!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    PC Optimisations for WinXP...
    I use WinXP Pro. All the optimisations I have done on my PC are from

    as well as other articles published by Martin Walker on Sound-on-Sound.

    I use Logic Audio Platinum v5.2 together with GigaStudio96 on the same machine. I used to have a lot of ASIO overloads when running both together until I optimised my PC using the above tips and now everything is running well. Although I only got my copy of GOS 2 days ago and still haven\'t done really serious work with it yet!

    Will post more when things come along...


    My system:
    PIII 933MHz, Intel 815 motherboard, 512MB RAM, 2x7200rpm HD, WinXP Pro, GigaStudio96 v2.5, LAPW5.2, EgoSys GIGAStation (Giga only output), Hoontech/ST-Audio C-Port (Logic only input/output)

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