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Topic: Comparison

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    It would be great to hear same midi track played with AO and GOS. That way I could really hear the big(?) difference between these libraries. Could some one make a small clip? I know that some of you are tired of these comparisons but it is interesting how much has the sampling improved.

    Tapani S.

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    Re: Comparison

    It wouldnt be possible to compare anything really, by doing that. The two libraries have to be played in different ways. With GOS you\'ll use x-faded samples, using modwheel, to add dynamics. With AO you will have to resort to volume changes. And then there are different dynamic responses, attack times, release times etc.
    It is just not possible to do a quality comparison by playing back the same MIDI file using different libraries.

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    Re: Comparison

    Maybe you are right. GOS is much more complex. But what about just one sustained note? That way I could hear both instruments character. One clip with violins, one with violas etc. That would be interesting, right?

    Tapani S.

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