Hello All,

I was inspired by the recent thread regarding using GOS IRs with Altiverb, and so I\'ve been experimenting with GOS and Altiverb IRs over the past few days. For anyone who has not heard Altiverb in action, I\'d like to share my solo guitar performance of \"The Old Castle\" from Mussorgsky\'s \"Pictures At An Exhibition.\" I used the Vrendenburg IR from Altiverb\'s site, and applied both the medium distance omnis and far distance omnis to the dry original stereo mic\'d [AT4050 + Rode NT1] acoustic guitar track. One thing I notice when listening to this track, is that my usual process of \"listenening to the verb\" to see if it sounds realistic is different, because unlike other plugs and hardware reverbs, I can barely hear the reverb apart from the performance... and I think that\'s a good thing... yes? I will [gulp] post a link for an original orchestral string piece created with the GOS Akai version and GOS IR/Altiverb over the weekend. And considering I am primarily a guitar player who does not read or write notation, this ought to at least be worth a laugh to this distinguished audience.... [smile]

If anyone is interested, you can hear more solo guitar performances and a few bluesy arranged pieces at my site which only exist to share my muse with family and friends. Actually, my arrangement of Peggy Lee\'s \"Fever\" is kind of cool. A friend of mine, who\'s a killer \"old school\" B3 player said... \"not bad for a white boy\". Best compliment I\'ve had in years