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Topic: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

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    Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    I would like to know Garritan\'s opinion about this new library ... :-)

    Thank you,

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    Originally posted by SyQuEsT:
    I would like to know Garritan\'s opinion about this new library ... :-)
    Thank you,
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Mathieu,

    The Vienna library certainly is fascinating. Since the library has not been released yet, I really cannot provide an opinion. What do you and others think?

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    Well, I\'ll tell ya what I think. VSL Looks interesting, and the .45 sec demo on the site is intriguing... but a new mortgage to buy the library isn\'t appealing at all. I don\'t think there\'s too many libraries that are worth more then $1k. I think what Gary has done with GOS is great. Complete with Updates. That\'s what I call service. Sure, there\'s still a few things we can\'t do with GOS, but it\'s so much better then what we had. If Gary keeps up the hard work and continues with all the service, I don\'t see why VSL shoudl be a problem. Maybe for the person who wants to take time to dig through 1.5 million samples it\'s worth it, but I spend all the time I need digging through the 18CDs of GOS I have.... That\'s my thoughts [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    I think vsl is going to be great. And I think GOS is great. And I think AO is great. Also, MV is great. I don\'t think vsl will replace other librarys. (for some users it will ). My approach is if I like one sound in something I will buy it.
    It\'s the same with synths. I have all my old synth still laying around and use them sometimes for my favourite sounds. I think people are very into the ONE tools solution. Like what is better Mac or PC...Protools or Nuendo...Logic or DP or Cubase...EXS24 or Giga ...etc. Everything is good for what it is and you just have to find out what element you are going to use from it and how to smartly combine it with something else...If vsl is going to be what they promise - I want it ...! but, if I would not do music for a living I would probably not care and spend that kinda money...but this is aimed to the professionals who make double as much as what the library costs in one day so no problem. I will still love and use GOS / AO / SI / MV because I already know their strenghts and weaknesses ...then there is my old minimoog...hm....hehe
    Well, that\'s just my opinion....

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    Well Thor, I agree. If I made $20k in a day, sure I would love to have the VSL if it does all they promise.... but I don\'t make $20k/day. And I don\'t make $10k/Day. Come to think of it, I don\'t make $5k/day. Actually, I don\'t even make $1k/day.... and yes I\'m a professional. I make my full time living with music and could use VSL if it\'s really all that and a bag of chips, but the price is so unrealistic for me. And I\'m probably an average user, one who makes thier living, and makes a good living, but not in full time film. Film is the only place I know that pays enough money to afford a library like this, and that\'s also the place they can afford a real orchestra. Each section broken out and sold for $1k is the most I can see VSL justifying if they want to make their money back.

    Besides the fact the samples are expensive, look how many computers you have to have to run it! What\'s up with that? I\'d have to have 10x the GS power I have now just to get enough sounds up to create.... that\'s just gonna cost me a little bit.

    So if you make that kind of dough great, but the rest of the world doesn\'t. Maybe you should pass some off [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I still don\'t see VSL staying in business long enough to finish the project. But I\'d like to be wrong!

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    How do you know what it\'s going to cost and how many machines it would take to run?

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    A few weeks ago the creators of VSL were on and they said the library would be between $10-15k. That\'s what I\'m basing it on.

    As for the machines... the library is so big it ships on mutliple DVD or Hard Drive. My understanding is the first issue will be around 100 gigs.

    As for the number of computers.... based on a library this size I can only imagine how many machines it will take. I can\'t run all I want from the Garritan library on 1 machine, so how could I imagine running all I want from the VSL with less then 8 -10 machines? We\'re talking Garritan strings plus solo strings, plus group brass, solo brass, w.winds, perc... you get the idea. I don\'t see it happening.

    The only way I can see these wonderful developers making their money back is if they come up with a very very good library that is still a light version and would sell for $1k. I could see them doing a very good best of collection that would be 8-10 CDs for a grand that would give the most important instruments. But what do I know? I\'m just speculating...


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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    I think 10k is a price that is okay , IF it does what they say...(think about how much it costs to hire a real orchestra..) the costs on a project like that are insane...plus the losses they will encounter by people copying the entire project for their friends...I think If somebody spends 10k on a library he\'s less likely to pass it on to his buddys...I might be wrong..
    ..also, I didn\'t mean that professionalism is reflected by how much money someone makes...sorry if it came across like that..(very often its the opposite)..the price of the waldorf Q is $4000 and all it does ..you know what it does...how is that justified ? Look at the prices of modules and keyboards in general....a samplelibrary is kinda like buying a new module...you get a whole new set of sounds in one part area..would I personally like the vsl to be $100 ..heck yeah ! ..

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    Well thor, I think what\'s more likely with a $10K price is not that people would be less likely to copy for their buddies, but rather, 5 buddies would get together and pitch in for one copy, then they copy it for the 5 buddies.

    I agree that buying a sample library is like buying a new keyboard, but there\'s also the cost of getting enough computing power and all the other things you need to accompany the library. It\'s not just sounds.

    And look at Waldrof, it\'s not sitting in everyone\'s studio because it is $4k. But still, $4k is a lot less then $10k.

    Now, to the cost of a live orch. I don\'t know anyone in their right mind that wouldn\'t take the chance to work with a live orch. As a composer the biggest thrill I think you can get is that moment when you\'re standing in front of a full orch hearing your work played... so that in itself is enough reason to want to use a live group.
    On top of that, the time involved to sequence a fake orchestra and make it sound like a real orchestra can be rather cumbersom. Part of the advantage of a live group is the time factor. With that said, by the time you spend all the time sequencing you\'re gonna need all the extra money for being the orchestra, now you\'ve also got to pay for this new library....All in all, spending a grand for GOS isn\'t that bad, but when spend 10x that on a library, plus all the computers to run it....it\'s just getting to the point of too much trouble.

    And top all that off with the fact that never has a libary done everything it really needed. They say it\'s the last library you\'ll ever have to buy but I don\'t beleive it. They\'d have to have for the strings, a solo section, a small chamber section, a mid-sized chamber group, a large group each group divisi and well as unison, ever imaginable articulation, wet and dry samples that can be mixed together (which I know they\'re not doing) every attack, every release... and not just for the strings, but for the whole orchestra.... I just don\'t see it happening. They would have to be super human to pull this off. It should involve years of research, and probably 100 great sampling minds to pull it off.

    Take Gary for example, I\'m sure they thought they\'d done the best library ever when they did GOS. Not long after GOS is released, here comes the critics. Then SI releases a great library. And all the people I\'ve heard from that have all the libaries say they all have their pros and cons, and none of them are the end of sampling.... To Gary\'s credit, the support is great and they do free upgrades. That\'s good service.

    All that to say I don\'t think VSL can justify $10k cause it won\'t be all they promise. Maybe it will be great, but $10k great?

    Now don\'t get me wrong, I love technology and I hope it\'s all that and a bag of chips, but it\'s just got to be the ultimate of all sample libraries never to be topped to make it worth $10k..... and free updates too....
    That\'s my thoughts.

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    Re: Garritan : Vienna Symphonic Library

    there will be comparativvely priced optioins with VSL.

    Strings possibly sold seperately
    Woods/brass seperate
    and Percussion seperate.

    There are many options to the lib. Considering the material you\'ll be getting and the level of consistancy it will have I think all the options they are giving will probably be worht the prices they will charge.

    I also would like to let everyone know that they are doing things to make the library more fexible and easy to sort through. So the amount of samples isn\'t really as big of a \"problem\" as you think. Not to mention you DONT NEED TO LOAD EVERYTHING AT ONCE!!! Why does everyone think thats the norm? and what one needs to judge the usability of a library. Its not.

    The same kind of complaints started showing up when GOS was announced.

    Dont knock anything until you\'ve tried it.

    That said. I dont think any orchestral library will out do a real orchestra in the near future. Still the idea of libraries being cheaper than a real orchestra has some weight if you do alot of orchestral work. In many cases these libraries will be fine enough for TV or games. Even Films depending on the composer/midi mockuper.

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