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Topic: Anyone use GOS in a Pop/Ballad setting?

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    Anyone use GOS in a Pop/Ballad setting?

    Hi folks,
    I\'m looking to jump into to GOS. I\'ve been hesitant as I\'m a Halion user and I know that Steinberg hasn\'t set up the midi implementation so that Maestro tools would work with the GOS. All that aside...
    I\'m curious if anyone has used the GOS in the context of a Pop/Rock kind of thing. I have heard some absolutly AMAZING pieces on the Garritan.com web site but most of them have been in orchestral settings. Any insight on how the GOS would behave in a big \"Celine\" type of Ballad with a full rhythm section?

    Thanks....Look forward to your responces!!!

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    Re: Anyone use GOS in a Pop/Ballad setting?

    Hi ravedave,

    I haven\'t done it yet, at least no celine-type of thing (this is not exactly my road...), but I can assure you, that you will get amazing results, as long as you stick to string-layers and avoid fast runs and complex ornaments. Get the Grand Sustains (Violins and Violas) wherever you can put them and layer them with the Tender-patches and/or the looped harmonics (I hope they are still online??!) for sweet padlike sounds. The sul ponticello/non-s.p. EXP-Trems are great for convincing tremolo-crescendi and the marcatos or even aggressive marcatos will do the \"Whhhomp\"-attack-type of thing. This worked very nice for me when dubbing strings to a song I wrote.

    Maybe it was nice to layer GOS with some of the rosin-shhhhh-violins of the Ultimate Strings-library...

    All the best


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    Re: Anyone use GOS in a Pop/Ballad setting?


    I did some pretty convincing stuff for pop scores
    using only the lite version!!
    If you avoid complex ornaments you should be in heaven with the full version!!

    Funny coincidence..I play keyboards for her!!



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