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Topic: Requesting a mini-critique :)

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    Requesting a mini-critique :)

    This isn\'t even complete.. I just thought I\'d post this up here since it\'s my first serious work with GOS Lite. (I\'ve been battling w/ writer\'s block for a good couple weeks!)


    Not sure if any of you are familiar with Bioware\'s \"Neverwinter Nights,\" but they\'re releasing a free module, the Witchwork Series. I\'m dying to do the soundtrack for it.. the game will have a very dark and moody atmosphere to it, I hear. So, based on that alone, I started writing this main theme.

    Go easy on me please.. like others here, I have no musical training. Oh, and the part after 0:32 repeats twice... quite boringly. It will be changed later on, this is a draft.

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    Re: Requesting a mini-critique :)

    Hmm... no responses at all?

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    Re: Requesting a mini-critique :)

    Hi MDesigner,

    we all have to battle with writer\'s block sometime in our career. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    First, I like the pizz. bass. However, I think I would just sustain the viola and violin 2 chord notes instead of trying to make a counterpoint.
    Specially because this is the beginning of the piece. You can use the counterpoint later in the development sections.

    Hope this helps little bit.


    Ps. sorry if there is a spelling errors. It\'s getting late here in Iceland.

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    Re: Requesting a mini-critique :)


    Hm, nice suggestion. The whole part after 0:32 is still pretty rough and up in the air. I probably will make that whole section build up very slowly though.


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