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Topic: Violas long bows1 1st updeat

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    Violas long bows1 1st updeat

    Just now installed art. file from 1st updeat to
    Violas long bows 1 and all putches out of tune.
    What to do?
    I don\'t ask about fix with grand sustain.
    When I put new art. file I get massage: \"The instrument you are importing were saved from a file whose wave pool does not exactly match the current wave pool ( About 0% of the waves in the two pools match)\"
    What must do dimmer as am I?
    Thank You very much for help.

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    Re: Violas long bows1 1st updeat

    Thank You very much for so fast answer.
    I sent You letter to support@garritan.com with other email address. So please You can reply on my
    second email.
    Thank You very much!

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    Re: Violas long bows1 1st updeat


    It seems like you may have been out of sequence with the updates. Email me and we will get you up and running.

    Gary Garritan

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