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Topic: In Honor of Dr. Richie Moore

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    In Honor of Dr. Richie Moore

    A friend and consultant for the GOS library passed away recently.

    Dr. Richie Moore was a genius recording engineer as well as one of the warmest and genuinely kindest person I\'ve ever known. Richie helped create many gold and platinum albums and worked with the Beatles, The Stones, Eric Clapton, Huey Lewis and scores of other well-known musicians. He taught recording engineering at the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco and wrote articles for Mix Magazine.

    Several years ago he implemented Gigasampler to handle the interactive audio displays at the Funhouse Discovery Center. Richie served as technical director for the Funhouse Discovery Center and touched the lives of many people here on Orcas Island. Richie helped a great deal in the planning stages of the GOS library. Whenever I needed advice or help, Richie was always there and gave so freely of his tremendous talents

    We will miss Richie.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: In Honor of Dr. Richie Moore


    Suddenly, you were gone
    From all the lives you left your mark upon
    I remember
    How we talked and drank into the misty dawn
    I hear the voices
    We ran by the water on the wet summer lawn
    I see the footprints
    I remember
    I feel the way you would
    I feel the way you would
    Tried to believe but you know it\'s no good
    This is something that just can\'t be understood
    I remember
    The shouts of joy skiing fast through the woods
    I hear the echoes
    I learned your love for life,
    I feel the way that you would
    I feel your presence
    I remember
    I feel the way you would
    I feel the way you would

    Neil Peart

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