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Topic: Kings Strings :)

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    Kings Strings :)

    \"man, Rob Kral is going ot be in heaven with the new \"full strings\" patch\"

    Hey there, King [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    So, any mp3\'s floating around of this string patch?

    Really all that for soft movements, eh?

    You\'re killing me [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Kings Strings :)


    I was just fine in my ignorant bliss. When do you think us registered owners will get King\'s creation (King, Gary?)

    Francis, give us some more details on this patch. Are we talking about a \'mellow string pad\'?



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    Re: Kings Strings :)

    Here\'s some junk I threw together with this \"fullstrings\" patch for you guys


    Its all realtime playing on the keyboard, so its not at its \"best\" obviously (being a guitar player and all)

    Its also normalized to 0db which I would never do with strings in general. It makes them harsher sounding, if I wanted them louder, I\'d filterthem slightly first and pump the volume to get percieved volume a bit louder (but I didn\'t want to do that to this file)

    Its using a reverb that I\'m trying desperately to impulse for you guys, but am having problems with doing so....but I may have figured out the problem. Still it sounds fine in just about any reverb. Using about 40/60:dry/wet ratios

    Anyhow, its setup with velocity controlling the attack intensity and Mod Wheel controlling Dynamic Crossfades (EXP).

    There\'s a version of this patch with and without Basses mixed in, and this is using only the \"vibrato\" version, there is also a \"less vib\" version.

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    Re: Kings Strings :)



    It kinda has that sound I was showing you way back. Remember the Garritan and US Blends I was making in GSEdit?

    That, pad like, wash. Very cool...The basses are killer!!!

    You da man!



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    Re: Kings Strings :)

    Ahhh..this sounds good!
    King rules!

    think this will blend with AO soft strings patch well, and make me a great all strings patch!

    thanks king..


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    Re: Kings Strings :)

    Cool, glad you guys dig, its a pretty great sound for me too. One prob you guys may have is I didn\'t turn on the +6db switch, but its mostly due to the fact that I think it reaches a pretty good volume considering strings aren\'t really THAT loud on their own in a full orch, giving room to put in the rest of the orchestra and not having distortion issues.


    The patches are made from stuff in GOS including Detaches and some sustains, and some new samples Gary has, as well as a lot of tweaking and editing, with EQ, and placement ideas.


    I believe it will only be an update for \"Advanced set\"/Full Version owners. Maybe there\'s a way to convice Gary to sell these sepereately, As they are only Sustains right now I dont know if it would be something that would be worth it to sell tho.

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    Re: Kings Strings :)


    What patch(es) is this new patch based on?

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    Re: Kings Strings :)

    This is the sound I am looking for. Unfortunatly, my budget allowed only for the Lite version. Are we Lite-folks have a chance to get this fullstrings?
    Your piece, Mr Really you are NOT an , if you can throw together such a piece, is great, I am holding my arthritic fingers crossed that you will say YES, lites are IN.


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    Re: Kings Strings :)

    Wow King! Just heard that mp3...

    Those basses blew my socks off.


    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Kings Strings :)

    remember thats a full strings patch, so its Basses playing in octaves and Cello unison with the higher octave when I do that Jaws like thingy.

    The cellos add alot of nice grate in the fortes, and the octave lower in basses give that ooomph.

    Its a nice sound tho [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Overall this is my favorite string sound so far. And these patches will be my \"starting point\" with sustains. It doesn\'t mean its the best for every situation tho.

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